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10-03-04, 02:09
Now this isn't in the Japanese food and recipes section, because it has nothing to do with Japan, so I'll send it here.
*clears throat*

NEWS FLASH! All you Americans, listen up. You're eating yourselves to death, at a staggering amount. Here's an article on this shocking development.
:shock: :shock: :shock:

CHICAGO - Inactive Americans are eating themselves to death at an alarming rate, their unhealthy habits fast approaching tobacco as the top underlying preventable cause of death, a government study found.

Yahoo! News (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514&e=4&u=/ap/20040309/ap_on_he_me/fit_obesity_2) :wary:

Frank D. White
10-03-04, 02:39
Not too bad, seen 2 so far. I like the lost & found where the guy turns in the "love handles". It's really hard for those of us who love to eat & hate exercise!


silver angel
10-03-04, 03:48
I can see that happening to children of this generation more or less. (towards fast food)

10-03-04, 05:55
Let 'em eat, let 'em die. Thats my motto.