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19-03-04, 01:38
It's crazy out in America...the NCAA Basketball Tournament is going on right now...

ESPN's coverage of the 2004 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/ncaatourney04/index)

NCAA's website (http://www.ncaasports.com/basketball/mens/central)

ESPN's coverage of the 2004 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament (http://sports.espn.go.com/ncw/ncaatourney04/index)

First Round results for Thursday:

Manhattan 75
Florida 60

VCU 78
Wake Forest 79

Alabama State 61
Duke 96

Charlotte 73
Texas Tech 76

Liberty 63
St. Joseph's 82

Princeton 49
Texas 66

Arizona 76
Seton Hall 80

Air Force 52
North Carolina 63

Nevada 72
Michigan St. 66

Valparaiso 49
Gonzaga 76

Southern Illinois 64
Alabama 65

Texas-San Antonio 45
Stanford 71

Vermont 53
Connecticut 70

Dayton 69
DePaul 76

20-03-04, 07:31
But we got us an update. (I'm not able to modify my last post.)

Okay! The first round is complete! Here are the results from Friday:

UL-Lafayette 52
North Carolina St. 61

South Carolina 43
Memphis 59

Western Michigan 58
Vanderbilt 71

Murray State 53
Illinois 72

Utah 51
Boston College 58

East Tennessee St. 77
Cincinatti 80

Eastern Washington 56
Oklahoma St. 75

Monmouth (N.J.) 52
Mississippi State 85

Richmond 64
Wisconsin 76

Northern Iowa 60
Georgia Tech 65

Florida A&M 76
Kentucky 96

Pacific 66
Providence 58

Louisville 70
Xavier 80

Central Florida 44
Pittsburgh 53

Alabama-Birmingham 102
Washington 100

Illinois-Chicago 53
Kansas 78

Cinderella teams:


Tomorrow...second-round action, and the women's tournament gets started!

21-03-04, 05:59
Okay, pardon thse double and triple and multiple posts, but it seems we have a lot of action today. I will update this post whenever possible.

First of all, congratulations to the Wilmington College Lady Quakers and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointers, the 2004 NCAA Division III women's and men's basketball champions, respectively.

Here are the final results from Saturday. We got us some upsets today!

Second round

Nevada 91
Gonzaga 72

Seton Hall 62
Duke 90

Manhattan 80
Wake Forest 84

Texas Tech 65
St. Joseph's 70

Alabama 70
Stanford 67

Syracuse 72
Maryland 70

North Carolina 75
Texas 78

DePaul 55
Connecticut 72

First round

West Virginia 67
Ohio State 73

Liberty 53
Georgia 78

DePaul 83
George Washington 46

Colgate 54
Tennessee 77

Chattanooga 74
Rutgers 69

Temple 57
Texas Christian 70

Eastern Michigan 56
Boston College 58

Lipscomb 45
Vanderbilt 76

Marist 45
Oklahoma 58

Maine 50
Texas Tech 60

New Mexico 56
Florida 68

Missouri 44
Stanford 68

Montana 77
Louisiana Tech 81

Loyola Marymount 60
Baylor 71

UC Santa Barbara 76
Colorado 49

Tomorrow, the second round continues, and the first round for the women continues.

22-03-04, 06:28
Okay, here the final scores from Sunday's action:

Second round

Xavier 89
Mississippi St. 74

Boston College 54
Georgia Tech 57

Memphis 53
Oklahoma St. 70

Illinois 92
Cincinatti 68

Vanderbilt 75
North Carolina St. 73

Wisconsin 55
Pittsburgh 59

Pacific 63
Kansas 78

UAB 76
Kentucky 75

Sweet 16:

Georgia Tech
St. Joseph's
Wake Forest
Okalahoma State

First round

Valparaiso 63
Kansas State 71

Marquette 67
Old Dominion 64

Middle Tennessee St. 67
North Carolina 62

Iowa 76
Virginia Tech 89

Northwestern St. 51
Duke 103

Hampton 42
Penn State 79

Minnesota 92

Southwest Missouri St. 65
Notre Dame 69

Southern 57
Texas 92

Maryland 87
Miami 85

Mississippi 63
Villanova 66

North Carolina St. 59
Auburn 79

Pennsylvania 55
Connecticut 91

St. Francis (PA) 59
Purdue 78

Arizona 60
Michigan State 72

Austin Peay 66
LSU 83

The women take over for their second round tomorrow and Tuesday.

23-03-04, 08:16
Here are the scores from Monday:

Second round

Chattanooga 44
Vanderbilt 60

Florida 76
Baylor 91

DePaul 59
Tennessee 79

Stanford 68
Oklahoma 43

TCU 71
Georgia 85

Ohio St. 48
Boston College 63

Louisiana Tech 81
Texas Tech 64

UC Santa Barbara 56
Houston 52

The second round action for the women concludes tomorrow. I am personally proud of this result: at least [most of] the California teams here survive round 2. Wonderful game in Santa Barbara.

24-03-04, 06:37
And so we say sayonara to the men's and women's first and second rounds. Here are the scores from Tuesday.

Second round

Marquette 67
Duke 76

Virginia Tech 48
Penn State 61

Maryland 61
LSU 76

Villanova 42
Purdue 60

Middle Tennessee St. 46
Notre Dame 59

Auburn 53
Connecticut 79

Minnesota 80
Kansas State 61

Michigan State 61
Texas 80

Women's Sweet 16:

Notre Dame
Penn State
Boston Collee
Louisiana Tech
UC Santa Barbara

The regionals and regional semifinals begin this Thursday, starting with, of course, the men.

Eternal Wind
24-03-04, 14:54
I love basketball ^^

26-03-04, 07:18
All right! Thursday begins the Sweet 16 Round for the men. Here are the results from today.

Vanderbilt 53
Connecticut 73

Alabama 80
Syracuse 71

Pittsburgh 51
Oklahoma St. 63

Wake Forest 80
St. Joseph's 84

The Sweet 16 Round continues tomorrow.

27-03-04, 07:17
The Men's Sweet 16 wraps up tonight. Here are the scores from Friday's action:

UAB 74
Kansas 100

Nevada 67
Georgia Tech 72

Xavier 79
Texas 71

Illinois 62
Duke 72

The Elite Eight matchups begin tomorrow, as well as the Women's Sweet 16.

28-03-04, 07:59
Woowheee! We have some more action. First of all, congrats to the Kennesaw State Owls of Kenessaw, Georgia and the California (Pennsylvania) Lady Vulcans, who are the Division II Men's and Women's Basketball champions! Kudos, you two.

The men's field is down to six, while the women begin the Sweet 16. Here are the scores from today's action:

Regional Finals

Alabama 71
Connecticut 87

Oklahoma State 64
St. Joseph's 62

Regional Semifinals

Notre Dame 49
Penn State 55

UC Santa Barbara 55
Connecticut 63

LSU 71
Texas 55

Georgia 66
Purdue 64

On the Men's side, Jim Calhoun's Connecticut Huskies and Eddie Sutton's Oklahoma State Cowboys advance to the Final Four in San Antonio.

The Regional Finals for the men conclude tomorrow, while the women wrap up the Sweet 16 matches.

29-03-04, 04:05
The Final Four is set for the Men! Here are the final scores from today's action so far:

Regional Finals

Kansas 71
Georgia Tech 79

Xavier 63
Duke 66

Final Four:
Georgia Tech
Oklahoma State

Regional Semifinals

Louisiana Tech 49
Duke 63

Minnesote 76
Boston College 63

Stanford 57
Vanderbilt 55

Baylor 69
Tennessee 71
What makes this result interesting is that a careless foul by one of the Baylor players ended up in the game being won by last-second charity tosses.

Regional matches conclude for the women tomorrow and Tuesday.

30-03-04, 19:41
The final four is being decided right now! Here are the late scores from Monday action:

Connecticut 66
Penn State 49

LSU 62
Georgia 60

The Elite Eight matches for the women conclude today.

31-03-04, 06:16
Here are the final scores from Tuesday's action:

Minnesota 82
Duke 75

Stanford 60
Tennessee 62

Women's Final Four:


The Final Four for the men and women commence this weekend in San Antonio and New Orleans, respectively. Also, congratulations to the Creighton Bluejays, winners of the Women's National Invitational Tournament.

04-04-04, 16:09
Yesterday, the men's Final Four got underway. Here are the scores.

Connecticut 79
Duke 78

Georgia Tech 67
Oklahoma State 65

It will be the Connecticut Huskies and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the National Championship there.

The women's Final Four starts today, and scores will be posted in the next post.

Dream Time
05-04-04, 01:03
go UConn!!!!!

Emeka Okafor,do your thing!!!

05-04-04, 05:47
All right! We have some final scores out in New Orleans:

LSU 50
Tennessee 52

Minnesota 58
Connecticut 67

Two familiar foes square off: Geno Auriemma's UConn Huskies and Pat Summitt's Tennessee Lady Vols for the women's title. Is it possible that the University of Connecticut will have the honorable and enviable reputation as the best college basketball school in the nation? Georgia Tech and Tennessee look to make them second-best. Stay tuned tomorrow, and if all goes well, Tuesday...

06-04-04, 05:33
The Connecticut Huskies are the 2004 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Champions!

Georgia Tech 73
Connecticut 82

Now, will the Connecticut Lady Huskies make the school from Storrs, Connecticut the college basketball capital of the world? Stay tuned tomorrow...

Dream Time
06-04-04, 06:34

I watched the game

the Huskies never trailed
in the second half with about 10 mins left
the Huskies once pulled the lead to 25 points

Huskies just controlled the pace of the game,
running fast offense

Emeka Okafor
24 points
15 rebounds
2 blocks
all three categories tops in tonights game

Okafor will possibly be the No.1 draft pick in the upcoming NBA draft

my favourite team Orlando Magic wants him
go get him!! :cool:

07-04-04, 04:39
National Championship

Connecticut 70
Tennessee 61

And it is in this post that the Madness has ended, with the Huskies ruling college hoops.

(250 posts...halfway towards the next level...)

Dream Time
07-04-04, 09:24
Connecticut becomes the FIRST school in the history of NCAA,
to win BOTH of men and women basketball championship in the SAME YEAR

:spray: :spray: :spray: :spray: :spray: