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28-03-04, 08:45
Not only does this article receive a Yukari Award from Mr. Hachiko (yukari oversleeps-see the manga), but it seems it has substantial merit, IMHO.

Spending too many hours in bed each night can cause as many problems as getting too few hours of sack time, according to a University of California, San Diego study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

The study found people who sleep more than eight hours a night (long sleepers) and people who get less than seven hours of slumber both report more sleep complaints than people who get just the right amount of shuteye -- between seven and eight hours per night.

Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/hsn/20040328/hl_hsn/toomuchsleepnotagoodthing)

28-03-04, 09:00
I saw an article in the news paper like 2 weeks ago that this Japanese professor made a study saying if you sleep more then 8 hours a day you could die a premature death.

30-03-04, 23:27
hmm thought it was also bad to sleep little time .... i get always more than 8 hours of sleep

31-03-04, 01:06
Its pretty much up to you. Since in the same article Ontarian scientist said when you wake up you should feel refresh ,just because you wake up in a spasm doesn't mean you had enough sleep. Some countries have a siesta, and for those who don't if you feel sleepy around supper time it is a sign of a lack of sleep.

So I don't really pay attention, all I know is after I eat I make sure not to lay on my sofa or I'll pass out for sure. Even if I had 11 hours of sleep that night.