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20-09-02, 14:53
i just wanted to know how many languiges u ppl can speak for me
im trying to learn japanese but from the net for that maybe next summer i will learn it with a teacher better ha :)
i waslearning it for 6 years !! damn till now i cant speak with it :p

& now u :d

20-09-02, 15:16
Depends how well. What does it mean to speak a foreign language ?

1) Just being able to ask simple things like ask your way or book a hotel.
2) Being able to hold a daily conversation
3) Being able to speak about most common things fluently
4) Being able to speak about most academic and technical subjects, but don't know enough vocabulary, slang, idomatic expression, etc. to be native or able to teach the language.
5) Upper-advanced or native speaker.
6) Know the language in depth, better than most native-speaker and be know little-used words and expressions (level to be a good writer)

I guess only scholars really know a language well and they are so few that I don't expect anybody to reach level 6 (I can't).

It's always difficult to assess oneself, but I'd say I speak 2 languages at level 5 (English and French), 1 at level 4 (Italian), 3 at level 3 (Spanish, German, Japanese) and 1 at level 1 (Dutch). Of course it's easier once you are in the country and have a few weeks to refresh your memory. I haven't spoken a word of German for 5 years and I would have a tough time to start a real conversation right away. But I can still understand the news or such things quite easily.

20-09-02, 16:57
Hehe, I'm not as proficient, but according to Maciamo's scale I'd classify my language skills as follows:

5.. German, English
4.. French
2.. Arabic
1.. Farsi

Although I'm studying Japanese (quite infrequently), I'm not counting it in, as I'd be too shy to use it even in daily situation.

20-09-02, 19:15
My Japanese ranges from 4.5 to 6. Depends on the area. But I'd say a safe 4.9.

My English is probably a 4.7 though ;)

20-09-02, 20:46
hmmm... interesting scale, maciamo! :)

according to it, i'd rate myself...

5 for portuguese
4 for english
3 for spanish
2 for japanese
1 for french

21-09-02, 17:05
hmmm i'd say
1 Italian
1 French
i just know a very little bit of both

24-09-02, 08:36
Nice scale that 1~6..........;)

My s'kills' go this way

Sanskrit - 1 (A pity its almost dead, too structured and elaborate for easy adoption and conversation etc,I guess)
Hindi - 4 (India's national language)
Tamil - 5 (my mother tongue, you see, is different from the National language)
English - 5
Japanese - 4

Reaching 6 in Nihongo is my current aim........

24-09-02, 14:07
hehe i liked the scale :D 1~6 good good ..i didnt arrenge them in the scale ok here is mine again ;)

Perfect Arabic - 4.5 from 6
modern "uae" arabic 4 from 6
lol .. i can speak also Eygiptian modern arabic its nice :) .. 4 from 6
"thouse are only modern arabic u wont learn it just u can speak it like usa english :) its diffrent littile bit from perfect english (uk)
English - 4 from 6 "im good in it but not perfect :P)
japanese 1 from 6
french 1 from 6

lol that was my scale :)

01-10-02, 19:22
If we are taking programming languages into concideration...I shoot about 20.

01-10-02, 22:29
Originally posted by Ahmed.M.K
lol .. i can speak also Eygiptian modern arabic its nice

I think most Arabs can handle the Egyptian dialect as Egypt is the largest producer of movies in the Arab world ("Hollywood on the Nile").

20 programming languages... wow, that's impressive. Wish I'd be literate in at least one, lol.

06-10-02, 01:11
@ samuraitora
haha, i liked your programming language rate!

31-01-03, 20:16

Even if my Best English can reach level 5(after three months in Ireland, graceful country), i found myself at level 3 some days ago, when a turist aske me how to reach the math department in the local univesity (Note: it's easy to get lost inside the campus)

(Some of you may notice this lack of english training in my posts or private message :p )

Other known languages? Let me see..
Well Italian ^____^ (supposed to be a level 5 )

When i was young (very young, like 8~10) years old i knew enough Slovenian to follow a conversation, but now i can't understand even the single word. :bluush:

Spanish, yes, a good level 1 :p

Uhm.. German maybe.. well just for ordering sausages and steaks :p

Nothin more i guess

31-01-03, 22:46
Engrish = 20
English = 2
American Engrish = 100
Japanese = uh, someplace between 1 and 4, depending upon the subject matter and the kanji... :o


01-02-03, 01:50
5 Portugue (native)
5 English (Poor victim of Western social corruption through the media :D)
2 French (Don't write or speak in years)
2 Spanish (I can survive in a tourist resort :D)

I have some basic knowledges of some languages but they wouldn't reach 1 whitout help.

02-02-03, 04:28
German 2
English 6

thats it for me so far, i would like to add japanese to the list and italian

Jin Kazama
02-02-03, 06:07
Indonesian: 10
English: 5
Japan: 3

poor me......:(

03-02-03, 00:11
french : uh well, u guess :D
english : 5
german : 4
japanese : 0 :(

03-02-03, 04:43
6 english
4-5 japanese
0.5 friench

the end


10-02-03, 05:52
wow, i'm so so so impressed with everyone in this forum who can speak so many languages...

& mine...
5 - chinese mandarin + cantonese
4 - english
1 - japanese
0.1 - french (learn it couple years back, hardly remember any now...)

25-02-05, 05:01
hmm...well I can speak a foreign language, but I'm not that good.

its better if I rate myself at the language.

10 English
1 French (I'm sort of good, but speaking it fluently...no.lol)
Pidgin = well its kind of like broken up english and us locals where I live, speak it, more like slang kind of words

and that's about it, I do want to learn japanese, but its going to take a while til I can just concentrate on learning that, plus I do want to learn french as well. hehe.

25-02-05, 05:17
I would like to think that I can speak English alright, but as for foreign languages...

German - I can understand the basics (I took it for about 2 years)
Spanish - Same as German, maybe a little less (I took it for 4 years)

Ma Cherie
25-02-05, 05:44
Let's see:

French a 2
Japanese a 5
Spanish a 1

Hey, this is cool :cool:

25-02-05, 17:59
Hmm...we rednecks and hicks have to think about this a bit...
American (Southern) English: 5
American English: 6
Other variants of English (UK/Australia/etc.): 4 (having worked with Brits quite a bit, I'm beginning to recognize how much American and UK English have drifted)
Spanish: 1.2 (used to be at least 2 but alas, lack of use has wilted my ability; not too mention, I mix it up with Japanese when trying to speak it)
Japanese: .75 (used to be between 1-2 but there again, lack of use...)
French: .5
Computer Languages(Imperative -- C++,VB): 4
Computer Languages(Functional -- Haskell): 2

25-02-05, 18:29
hm.. I'd love to be a native C++ speaker :P

I'd say on that scale I'm
5) Swedish, English
4) Danish
1) German, French

And I wish I could place Japanese in the list but it doesn't fit in anywhere :P

25-02-05, 18:59
5.5 English
2.4 Japanese
0.2 Spanish (hey, if it's on the scale it still counts)

25-02-05, 19:37
5: English, Danish
4: Japanese, Swedish
3: German,
2: Norwegian
1: French, Arabic


25-02-05, 23:42
English - 6
Spanish - 3
Japanese - 3
Norwegian - 2

Raimei Zaji
28-02-05, 04:18
1. Japanese
2. English
3. spanish

28-02-05, 06:45
I can speak:
1. English
2. Japanese
3. Spanish
4. Filipino

Mahoujin Tsukai
28-02-05, 15:05
English (my native lang)
Chinese (Mandarin, very poorly)
Japanese (just starting)

01-03-05, 16:05
I am impressed
my skills?
german: native speaker
english: could be worse
japanese: I wish more (scale 2)

computer laguage: Ctrl Alt Del - nanchatte

I want to study Mongolian (just for fun); who knows good reference books and language books (for english speaking beginners)

02-03-05, 13:54
I am intimidated whenever I see this thread.
I've had so many languages; probably more than all the girlfiriends I had including the imaginary ones ! :D But just like girlfriends, so many left and so few left ! :D :D
This is what's left.

5: English, Korean
3: Mandarin
1: Manchu
0.5: French, German, Greek
0: Japanese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Russian, Hebrew, Welsh
(This is my to-learn list)

@Iwao: I'm just beginning my Mongolian studies. So shall we gang up and exchange some email in Molgolian ? :p
We may even have some Mongol-speaking members, so we could discuss more about these matters in "Linguistics" forum. I'd suggest you start a thread like, "Shall We Mongolian ?" Let's hope it grows into a full-fledged Mongol subforum one day, yay !! :cool:

05-03-05, 17:27
my knowledge of Mongolian is zero, not existing - I have only seen once a mong. dictionary and talked sometimes to one mong. student, when I lived in Tokyo - it is a very interesting language
it could be an interesting project: online-forum-language-trainig class
anyway I also look for hardware (books and especially audio material, because I don't have any native speaker around me!)

06-03-05, 03:06
English 5
Bengali 4
Hindi 4
Marathi 3 (losing touch)
Punjabi 4
Urdu 3
German 2

06-03-05, 12:38
I can speak:
American Level: 1
Canadian Level: 1
Australian Level: high 2
Kiwi: high Level 2
British Level 2

I've always followed Calvin's advise.(in Calvin and Hobbs) If English is good enough for me, then by golly it's good enough for the rest of the world. Why learn all that other phony crap!

07-03-05, 01:43
6. English
5. Hmong

Eve James
05-04-10, 00:18
German: Loosing but still can communicate a little.
German was my past birth language.
English: My present birth language.
Russian: Studied but am now loosing it. I am refreshing it.
Anuhazi: I know many Mantras from Anuhazi and Keylontic Science
workshops. It is the Kristos Languages of the Aquinous
Regenisis Nursery in M31(base 12) M37 (base 10) - the
difference between base 10 and base 12 is where the
great secret is. The Dark Procyak Galactic Luciferian
alliance does not wish us to know about this secret.
Georgian: Definitely a very beautiful language I desire to be fluent
in and visit the Saqartvelo Country. The music and
dancing is absolutely awesome and very attractive.
Hindi: Need a refresher but was one of the first languages
I studied in depth. It originates from Sanskrit but
Sanskrit originates from Anuhazi and this will not be
immediately admitted by Sanskrit Scholars.
Indonesian: Took a short course at UVic and need to refresh. It
is definitely one of the most ancient languages.
Hungarian: Am studying in depth with help of my Hungarian teacher
Ilona Dukai at the Hungarian Center in Victoria, B.C.
Finnish: Am studying with the teacher John Dingley at University
of Victoria, B.C. Am desiring to compare Hungarian and
Finnish in depth.

This is my first message on this Forum which I am glad to be a member of!!!

Eve Eva : Mean "Eve is Eva " in Kartuli Ena

Truth be told
06-04-10, 16:56
I'm good at Arabic, English, Baluchi

11-04-10, 00:47
I can speak Catalan, Castillian, French, English .
I can understand: Italian, Portuguese, Aranes/Occitan,

11-04-10, 01:09
I can speak English,Croatian,Bosnian,Montenegrin and Serbian :D
and I can make basic communication in German and probably Spanish.

21-05-10, 06:42
I can speak three to four Languages when needed. I have my native language which is Filipino and I'm speaking English. I learned how to speak French and Spanish languages too and still working out with the other Languages.

21-05-10, 22:18
1. Swedish (native)
2. English (fluent)
3. Japanese (studying)

23-05-10, 22:52
Nice scale, @Maciamo.

Depends how well. What does it mean to speak a foreign language ?

1) Just being able to ask simple things like ask your way or book a hotel.
2) Being able to hold a daily conversation
3) Being able to speak about most common things fluently
4) Being able to speak about most academic and technical subjects, but don't know enough vocabulary, slang, idomatic expression, etc. to be native or able to teach the language.
5) Upper-advanced or native speaker.
6) Know the language in depth, better than most native-speaker and be know little-used words and expressions (level to be a good writer)

5. - 6. Spanish.
4. English.
2. German.
1. Japanese ( however, I know a lot of Kanji ).


Russian ( know Cyrillic and some common expressions ).
French, Portoguese, Italian, Romanian, Dutch ( could understand more or less what's in a text)


29-05-10, 18:49
2.Norwegian and Russian

31-08-10, 14:26
Spanish (starter)
Bosnian (starter)
Swedish (starter)

18-12-10, 22:56
I speak fluently Swedish, Polish, german, english, portuguese and of course I understand all the related languages and could after a relatively quick training speak them as well.
Interesting thing is how you feel and appreciate the phonetics of different languages. It´s very arbitrary. I love the sound of Swedish (but not the southern variety!), Russian and Portuguese but dislike their cousins Danish, Polish or french. I can only explain it rationally to some extent. E.g. the glotal stops and ugly laryngal R sounds make me hate the danish pronunciation.
Equally the laryngal speech sounds of arabic and hebrew make it unpleasant for me

WOuld be interesting to hear if some other multilingual pple have the same experience.

22-08-11, 03:25
According to Maciamo's scale:
6 Czech - native
5 Slovak
5 English
2 Polish
1 German
1 Russian

Mzungu mchagga
22-08-11, 12:40
5 German
4 English
2 Swahili
1 French

My reading and comprehension skills in French are by far better. However I wouldn't be able to express myself in the same way.