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15-04-04, 22:56
Now we've got this great oppressive force that's trying to homogenize and make everything the same! And that we must resist and fight, because that's anti-life! Evil is "live" spelled backwards. Whatever would tend to crush the individual expression of life in people - That is evil.
- Fakir Musafar, Modern Primitives.

Frank D. White
15-04-04, 22:58
I'm sure people like President Bush know what's best for us!!


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15-04-04, 23:59
Haha, how many positive replys will Bush get on this thread lemme get the abacus out. :p

18-04-04, 10:32
Ohh... lets not turn this into a anti-bush thread. Thats just too easy.

What about the effect of marketing on our populations ?
The way were bombarded with TV and fashion mags trying to tell us how we should live our life's ?
Isn't that in a way evil in a bad way ?

Frank D. White
18-04-04, 11:52
adult dipers to wear & what hemroid cream to "squish"
up my butt!! And don't tell me I need a pill; if I want to have to pee every ten minutes, thats my business!



18-04-04, 20:11
LOL Frank, yeah the marketeer's are agrivating in the U.S. I answer with a Japanese greeting and they hang up! :)

18-04-04, 21:52
read Satori's thread.


This women refused to have an C-section because she didn't want scars.

She was arrested and charged with one first-degree felony count of criminal homicide: "depraved indifference to human life." If convicted, she faces between five years and life in prison.

But is she evil ? No i don't think so, she might need help. But she's not the one in the wrong here.
Firstly you have the courts trying to take away her freedom because she made a choice as to what SHE wanted to do when giving birth.
Which I find appalling, how dare they dictate how a women should give birth !
And I don't care what the doctors say, In child birth there are NEVER any guarantee's of a flawless birth. EVER !
Any women in the world who have been through this, know this. So what the hell make doctors think they know better than several life times of experiance ?

Going back to WHY was she so worried about scars in the first place.
Let's place blame where it belongs shall we, advertising! & marketing!
Every day as a women I'm bombarded with someone else's idea (usually a mans) of what a women should be.
(You should be thinner, your hair should be dyed, your not wearing the right kind of makeup.Diet, diet, f##king diet.)
It's there every time I turn on my radio, when I walk down the high street, when I pick up a mag or news paper ! And it makes me want to SCREAM !!!
Is it any wonder she was so hung up about it!
Well is it ?
If anyone should be taken to court it should be the corporations that pound us with images every day !
There the EVIL one's, all she did was to try to make her own choices. To live her life. Her only evil was to live !

19-04-04, 04:54
While I can understand your frustration and where you are coming from-

She wasn't claiming that the c-section would endanger her life,
She wasn't saying it would be dangerous to the child,
She wasn't saying that giving birth to the child would plunge her into depraved poverty or that the quality of the child would be so poor that it would suffer.

She refused a c-section because it would leave a scar.

I don't know her mental state of mind, and how much marketing may or may not have played in her decision, but if the government condones killing a child for cosmetic reasons, what is next?

Child birth often leaves stretch marks. Women often gain lots of weight and have trouble losing it after. The body changes in ways that not all would find attractive.

I hope she has had her head examined and I agree society needs to do something about what ideals it sticks to.

One thing I think society (and doctors) does (do) have a duty to do is stop its members from doing stupid, life endagering things no matter how badly they want to do them. Without the c-section, the mother was putting her life and the life of the child at risk for cosmetic reasons. For the same reasons I disagree with some religions refusing medical treatment because it is ungodly, I have to disagree with the womans refusal on the basis of scarring. I waould also be opposed to a nose job if it ran the risk of killing the patient and I hope the courts would step in.

(I understand your anger Rachel and I hope we can agree to disagree and discuss without having to bring out the fire extinguishers :))

19-04-04, 06:28
Mandylion, at first I did not see it that way.. As I said that it should be her choice. But after reading your post I think I have changed my mind, I think it should be forced sometimes if its only because of "cosmetic" reasons.

19-04-04, 14:32

(I understand your anger Rachel and I hope we can agree to disagree and discuss without having to bring out the fire extinguishers :))
Sorry, my hormones were on the rampage last night
LOL. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with me honey, I welcome a difference of opinion. As for not needing a fire extinguisher... :D I'll try, but you might want to wear some fire retardent underwear! :D :flame: :eek:

19-04-04, 15:28
Well, I have to say that I'm all for natural childbirth to a point. After all, I am a labor assistant and did want to become a midwife at one time. I also had my sons naturally and without complications, thank goodness. Caesareans are performed more in the U.S. than any other country in the world. I think the U.S. caesarean rate is 25% right now, which to me is a little excessive. Anyway...

I agree that it is a woman's choice to go through childbirth however she wishes. It is she that will have to live with her decision, which I suspect she isn't very happy with now. Of course, being a mother myself, it's very hard for me to be objective about this. As Mandylion said, even without a caesarean section, a woman is still prone to stretch marks, weight gain, other tears and cuts requiring stitches(ouchie), and a lot of other physical side effects that would humble even the most glamorous of women. That leads me to believe that perhaps this woman was, in fact, mentally unstable. Did she not take all of that into consideration? Besides, usually a caesarean incision is made horizontally at the hairline, and the scar left is very small, so it's usually barely visible unless you've had a vertical incision(which is only used in absolute emergencies).

But yes, maybe it was also pressure from society that made her feel like she couldn't be left with a scar. I have a lot of scars too. I have a big scar on my right knee from a wreck and a scar on my lip from the same wreck. The plastic surgeon asked me if I wanted him to "fix them up", but I declined. I thought it was just plain silly to have plastic surgery on a knee and I felt my lip looked good enough after he sewed it up. The scar that bothers me the most is the chicken pox scar I have on my forehead! :p At least a caesarean scar would be covered by clothing most of the time.

Society and the media are to blame for why we're not comfortable with ourselves, but there are a lot of people out there like us who don't buy into all of that and who will love us for who we are. Just have to find some way to be happy with ourselves and trudge on.

Pardon the rambling...

19-04-04, 22:47
I thought Japan's attitude of the group and team work motto was the attempt to make everything and everybody the same, especially with the concept that the nail that sticks out gets hammered down (or whatever similar translation it comes out as)....so that means the Japanese attitude is Evil? :D

Frank D. White
19-04-04, 23:01
the Japanese attitude is Evil? :D[/QUOTE]
You might wake up & set off the "HATEFUL" croud!!


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19-04-04, 23:08
just in reference to Rachel's comment at the top...about "Now we've got this great oppressive force that's trying to homogenize and make everything the same!...Whatever would tend to crush the individual expression of life in people - That is evil."

If making everything the same is evil, then Japan's been doing that for a long time :D

Frank D. White
19-04-04, 23:15
have long black hair again; no more colors!!


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19-04-04, 23:45
HAHA FRank! No kidding :) Though some do look good haha..

20-04-04, 00:57
I WANT THEM TO MAKE ALL JAPANESE WOMEN....have long black hair again; no more colors!!

Who is Them, Frank? And how do you expect Them to do it? :D
Also, Black is a color....when you say no more colors, you got something against blacks? :D just kidding....

hmmm....non colored hair....what's that? Translucent hair color? :D :p

Frank D. White
20-04-04, 01:14
Old guy wanders in circles totally confused & dazed!! Is
led away to "THE" home!


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20-04-04, 02:56
Sorry, Frank, but that olde confused ploy won't work, because I'm the one that knows nothing...you'll need to find another profession to adhere to.... :D I've already taken the non known position....

Speaking of Evil, this election time why settle for the lesser Evil....vote for CuteCthulhu :D

21-04-04, 21:59
Its time we accept, as a society, that there is no such thing as evil. And opression is one of the greatest inflictions to be put on humanity, where it not without opression, the will for freedom would never be realized.

You dont have to abide by the confinements of media. You can easily defy, develope your own doctrines, and live by them, in resistance to what is being told to you. If you dont however, then nay shall you waste time complaining about it.

You've got 2 and a half choices in life. One; realize its your life, and control it. Two; allow yourself to be controlled. And the half is; when you are controlled, waste your energy b*tching about it.