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17-04-04, 19:13
(I donno who to send to!)

'cause its complicated,

so complicated!

perhaps I should send it to Places/Cites!

We/People are busy doing life! We shop, possibly, to survive! we buy our groceries from markets, maybe cross the road! Some of these markets have everything we need!
Fresh sea food, good crabs, way to many kinds of steaks, tasty farm chickens, cheese from France, or hot homemade apple pies
While shopping, we might stop for a good cup 'o coffee or
large glass of fresh fruit juice!

We walk in wide streets, sometimes more than 12 meters or whatever! probably, cleaned earlier in the morning by men in their mid age, some of them are younger, they wear overalls! sometimes we walk in uncleaned ones!

We see others walking too, some of them are in hurry; some walk slowly with ice cream in their hands, possibly a famous tasty product from NY, Paris or wherever!

Some of these people walk alone carrying bags in both hands; some are busy talkin while holding hands. Some walk with their babies, some of the babies are smiling, some playing and some of them cry really loud!

Some people are wealthy possibly businessmen, some donno what they are!

On evenings, we go to places; friends houses, restaurants, dance floors or bars!
We usually eat, drink, some of us smokes! Some other demand a free smoking places! These people, possibly, have issues with pollution around the city, 'cause they want to breath a clean air! Some really do not care!

We watch TV or latest movies, some times old ones!. We get videos from the closest, Video shop!, to where we live. We watch, comedy, action, romance, or suspense, some of us watch everything!

We tend to watch new movies with friends or close ones, while eating "salt and vinegar chips" or "popcorn"! Sometimes we watch movies alone while eating a pizza or smoking a joint! Some cry during a movie some laugh and some sleeps (like my housemate!) We also watch the news, sometimes we donít!

17-04-04, 19:19
what, on earth, happened to her!?

17-04-04, 19:24
go to her,

Tell her we know that she do not understand why does she have to be (I donít know how to say it!)

give her some milk, peice of bread, a warm bath, dry her hair, give her a hug, and provide some wear!

Tell her: people who often pass by (her); those in larger sizes (I guess it is the way she would measure things by now!), those who carry bags on their hands filled with food from markets or soap from a pharmacy, are older than her! And those who throw stones are just kids.. playing! Tell her: she is surviving almost her ninth birthday! sing her!

or does she care!

Please, show her something colourful!
Read her books tell her about dreams, until she sleeps, then, cover her with a blanket, and kiss her head.

then, take my face, rub it on her feet and whisper on her ear "birds loves youĒ Tell her they pray on her feet to forget!

Frank D. White
17-04-04, 20:32
I think perhaps your MSG is to deep and profound to get through. Perhaps if you could coat it with anime and dip it in some J-rock, it could be digested?? Perhaps a few
sprinkles of electronic games & manga pictures!!


:? :? :? :? :( :(

17-04-04, 21:40
Frank.. like waves washing sands/beach.. you reach!
Stand by! :)

18-04-04, 03:26
Who is her? A child in the Middle East? A child under poverty...but why is she tied up on the street?

Or are you talking about all children suffered from child abuse?

This is too peotic for me to understand. :?

I just can't reach. I am that kind of person that can't even swim.

Frank D. White
18-04-04, 03:46
Who is her? A child in the Middle East? A child under poverty...but why is she tied up on the street?

Or are you talking about all children suffered from child abuse?

This is too peotic for me to understand. :?

I just can't reach. I am that kind of person that can't even swim.

taking a whole bottle of Attention Defficit Dissorder pills
to get a handle on it??

:blush: :okashii: :?

18-04-04, 06:29
err i didnt think so.

i think the basic message is that while some people have it good others don't. if you happen to be better off than the person on the street you should help them out instead of just walking on by. humble yourself and love others, at least thats what i got out of it anyway. not very poetic or flowing though. goma has a much nicer way of telling it, whatever "it" may be.

18-04-04, 08:13
I agree with Jeisan -- there doesn't have to be anything particularly mysterious about it. Use images of people living and starving off the streets as a starting point for your own thoughts and actions and the unnecessary burden of scheduling a life for more and more material gain will become obvious. :happy:

Frank D. White
18-04-04, 11:40
The flickering light of goma's brain droppings draws the intellectuals from the dark corners like moths to a flame!!



18-04-04, 13:54
When I saw "a msg", the first thing came to my mind was something like " the overuse of MSG in Chinese food can trigger headache, shortness of breath and heart failure."

18-04-04, 14:00
That's exactly what I thought, Jean-Francois! I thought it was going to be about MSG, the flavor enhancer! :p

Of course, when I started reading it, I figured out what it was really about.

18-04-04, 19:56
Well, from my experiences I guess it may just be Americans but.. The poor guys out on the streets begging, some of them are not even poor they do that all day then pick up bags walk to their brand new car and go to their "own" house. I have also had beggars not accept food, I tried to give food he wouldnt accept, I told one I would bring him in resturant and by him whatever he would not accept. All they want is money, and when you give them money they buy alchohol or drugs. Which would be the reason they are begging. So it is hard for me to help people these days when I am so used to people like this (almost every beggar in my state) atleast is like this.

19-05-04, 20:08
Somewhere/A small city, Mom and Dad tie their handicapped little daughter/to a shrine claiming: "She has evil spirit inside of her" !