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29-09-02, 11:36
Beckham's out, ladies. The latest fad are journeys to Turkey, in order to meet Ilhan Mansiz, the Turkish Stud, erm, Samurai.

Female football fans find Turkish delight new flavor of the month

"Monthly tours to meet Ilhan in Turkey that the company set up are booked out from November through to May next year."

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0209/020929ilhan.html

Japanese fan sites

=> http://www.ilhan-inside.com

=> http://ilhanmansiz-remix.sppd.ne.jp

29-09-02, 17:42
Possibly, but when Beckham is the main picture (a survey of 8 out 10) ladies' cellular phone's start up screen, plus I see babes reading Beckhams books and magazines I'd say that guy has a bit more to go. Besides, he doesn't have blond hair. hehe, I don't expect my wife will be buying Ilhan's book soon.

29-09-02, 18:02
Hehe, wait until you get a postcard from Turkey too. :)

deborah gormley
30-09-02, 13:40
will I get one aswell (hehe), I know, probably not lol,
hmmm now he is hansom:bluush:

30-09-02, 20:09
I was intrigued by his hairstyle during the world cup, but I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose. :)

11-09-14, 11:34
Old subject, but interesting!