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03-05-04, 15:50
When your buying a washing machine how important is it to get one with a really satisfying spin cycle :?

Frank D. White
03-05-04, 16:46
I do 90 % of the laundry in my house(she won't let me do her work clothes)! And I have a sneakin idea this isn't
about getting all the juice out of just the clothes?? I
bought a double decker machine that has a super high spin and saves water! It really neat, you can open it any
time(front loader) and there is never any water in the tub.
I swear it only uses a couple cups of water to wash a load.
When it spins, it sounds like it goes 500 MPH, and the heavy towels are almost dry when they come out. It can take a heck of a big load, 10 big towels are no problem.
The dryer has some kind of moisture sensor that shuts it off when the clothes are dry, to save electricty. I haven't "leaned" on mine during spin since I was a young pup!



04-05-04, 15:46
Now this spin cycle.........lord esca you are soooo bad.....but now like i was saying: I got this washer machine with excellent spin cycle! It be doing things that would make your head pop off! :D :lol:

04-05-04, 15:48
Esca, Hahaha.. My washing machine has always had almost unlimited different spin cycles.. :p

04-05-04, 15:52
To heck with the washer. Why bother with that when you can order all kinds of neat things....

Ummmm...but anyway...it's nice to have a good spin cycle to get all that excess water out. Yeah.

04-05-04, 16:05
I know whaty ou mean playaa it can go fast, slow, and then just
[insert fast moving sound]
Now kirei, i should introduce you too my washer becuase the way that thing just...[closes eyes and smiles] sucks out all the water is just :-) *perfect*

04-05-04, 16:07
'HAHA , You know what they say.. He who brags to much lacks in what he talks about!

Just kidding Esca! :emblaugh: :lol: :lol: No hard feelings!

04-05-04, 16:28
ooo its okay...someones got to hate every now and then :smug:
Confidence is the key, if you lack that then you fail. :haihai:

04-05-04, 16:49
So true, about failing with no confidence! :)

04-05-04, 17:09
Fo Sho

05-05-04, 15:33
We used to have a top loader that shuck so much it would walk around the kitchen floor, great fun if you sat on it. :D :evil:

05-05-04, 15:48
Hey, and it's grass-cutting season again. Get out the riding mowers... :evil:

05-05-04, 18:55
[puts on his good suite]

Birthday boy..I mean girl...
happy bithday

12-04-19, 13:21
it never does ..