View Full Version : Do you believe in lucky charms ? And if so what’s yours.

07-05-04, 22:00
In WWII pilots would kiss pictures of famous stars, some people wear lucky underwear to interviews and a whole culture has grown up around the victimisation of rabbits.
Do you believe there’s anything to these charms or is it all in the persons mind ?
And if you do, what’s yours ?

I have my ‘Grip’ which is a small sea smoothed slate pebble. Back in the bad old days when I did chemicals I would never trip without it. So long as I had my ‘Grip’ everything would go smoothly and I’d never have any trouble. If I tripped without it, things would always go pear shaped.

07-05-04, 22:07
I have my brain...that's the only luckycharm I need... :-)...Life is what you make of it....don't need any charms for that :-)

07-05-04, 22:32
I dont have any lucky charsm, though I do believe there is certain thingd that can be "lucky".

Frank D. White
07-05-04, 22:43
1911A1 Colt 45ACP has bought me 30 years of luck!!
Gonna have it under my coffin pillow when I go !



07-05-04, 23:41
i got a 4-leaf clover ^.^

08-05-04, 02:30
I don't believe in lucky charms, but my girlfriend does. Because of her I wear a jade Buddha around my neck.
Haven't experienced any change in my (bad) luck yet, though.

08-05-04, 11:26
My point of view:
It is a reaction in the brain, luck or bad luck does'nt exist, we create them!
If we dont believe in ourselves we have badluck, this is why people believe in objects.

I tried once with a friend who has a little piece of leather.
In a contest,He was scarred because he lost his piece of leather(he forgot it at home). I said that I found it and I gived it to him(but it was'nt the good one).
He was happy and won the contest!

P.S. I really think my english is bad....

mad pierrot
08-05-04, 12:09
Where ever I go I always carry two things in my wallet:

1. An Charm for safe travels from Todaiji Temple in Nara.
2. A coin a stranger outside a temple in Sri Lanka gave me. (I was 16 at the time..)

So far, my travels have been safe!


10-05-04, 18:07
Whatever I feel is important to me (and is with me), I kiss it for good luck, in case of a big event coming forth.

Frank D. White
10-05-04, 21:28
Whatever I feel is important to me (and is with me), I kiss it for good luck, in case of a big event coming forth.

But as the "Crazy Ol Guy" I have standards to uphold.
Now I have something that is important to me, always with me, sometimes it's Coming forth and becomes a Big event; but I'm not about to bend over & Kiss it!!


:D :p :blush: :okashii:

10-05-04, 22:49
I have my black sheep which I always takes on exams. It's my scapegoat... XD

There is my witch-face silver chain from Spain. I always have it around me. Without it or my silver ring, I feel a bit naked. Maybe there are not so lucky charms, but without them, something is not right... XD

And the last one, the newest thing. A hematite and silver bracalet. I bbought two of these, the other one has my sweetie. I always have it by my side.

Important people for me always are given angel's figures. :) To help and protect them. :D

So yes, I do believe in lucky charms.

11-05-04, 01:27
My lucky charm is the small lead of a number 2 pencil (or it's a marking, I don't know) that has been stuck in my left hand for the last 12 years.
It accidently got jammed in there and broke off inside or left a grey mark that's been there ever since. And I'm left-handed. :)

11-05-04, 01:30
WOW....that's a bit freaky o.0...you didn't have any problems with it in the past?? :?

11-05-04, 01:36
Nah, it's okay, I think. No side-effects I know of. How it happened was that when I was in class (3rd grade if I remeber correctly), I wanted to tap the shoulder of a classmate of mine with my pencil (with the eraser part), but while doing so, s/he moved backwards on to the pencil and shoved that lead right into the palm of my hand. It hurt a lot, but I didn't scream or anything. Actually, no one in the class including the teacher had known about it and I just kept my palm closed with a tissue in it until I went home. :\