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15-05-04, 11:03
Yes, I know, it sounds terribly complicated, but you will find more information about PARTHENOGENESIS at the bottom.



If one believes what it is said, new experiments in Japan, Australia, France, US, and probably in other parts of the world, achieved in creating a living being WITHOUT USING MALE SPERMATOZOIDS . Now, that is some kind of freightning news (and I'm dead serious, believe me), because it can lead to just about any kind of excess, in any direction and you add to it genetical manipulation and you'll find soon in a factory producing self-regenerating warriors... That leaves a door wide open on your imagination.

I'll let you read, and comments afterwards...

This is a really interesting and important discovery. The authors from Tokyo University of Agriculture successfully produced mice by combining two eggs, one of which expresses a gene called H19 and the other expresses Igf2. The headlines of course emphasize the sensational aspect of this work, i.e. "mouse created without father", "the mouse that roared: Virgin Birth"... People are talking about lesbians being able to have babies...

But the real scientific story behind this achievement is much deeper and has significance for stem cell research, cloning, and hence spinal cord injury. What these scientists discovered was the mechanism by which mammals prevent parthenogenesis. For a long time, scientists have known that there is something that a mammalian sperm brings to a mammalian egg that allows it to produce a viable organism.

New Experimental Fertility Technique
Peter O'Connor,
Associated Press Writer

July 12, 2001; Canberra, AUSTRALIA (AP) -- Australian researchers say they have pioneered in mice a potentially revolutionary technique that fertilizes female eggs without the need for male sperm. Developed by Dr. Orly Lacham-Kaplan at the Institute of Reproduction and Development at Monash University in Melbourne, the procedure uses half the genetic material from any cell in the body, either male or female, to fertilize an egg. Lacham-Kaplan stressed that the experiments are in extremely early stages. But Dr. Robert Winston, a London fertility expert, said that if the technique works in humans, "this is actually genuinely revolutionary and potentially very important." The real advantage of the technique is for men who cannot produce sperm, Winston, who was not connected with the research, told the British Broadcasting Corp.

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01-06-04, 10:13
hi ...
nice story...
well honeybees used to have that kind of business.(:low level quality male production...but males are needed to have a real breed bsns.then males will be terminated...o my god)

males means nothing more than the females...(every creature born as female....later happens to be a male/female decision) so we males have breasts (so antic tribes used to have some special technics to activate the males' breasts for milk production ...they say that... may be just a legend)
and we got some animals frogs,lizards that change their sex male to female and v versa....

the differences of male/female produced by the hormones commonly known as testosteron(muscle/hair builder) and oestrogen(fat stocker)...

the only female animals that contains much more testosteron than her male are hyenas....they are so greater in mass than their males.....and much attack and dangerous mood...willing to fight.......etc

male/female production gives a path to both random and selective choices...so female gorillas,bears choose the males...(the most shining apple) but only female or only male breed gives the same dna activity/result...

2 adult production gives high quality offspring that can adapt to the environment (it may be male/male even : snails are hermaphrodits... bot give and get sperms...)

01-06-04, 10:22
I think in the future these things will be used for reproducing organs or people who can't have children...I don't really think people will leave Sex for what it is and just reproduce by theirselves :relief:

03-08-04, 07:33
>> WHERE ARE WE GOING ?????????

Think of the worst case - und you know where this train ist headed to.........
This may be considered a pessimistic view - I call it realistic. ;-)

05-08-04, 17:38
Sorry, no time to developp the subject too much now, I'll probably have more time much later...
please read :


15-08-04, 17:01
The way technology is going, men will soon be able to reproduce without involving a partner of the opposite sex, too, so I doubt we have quite seen the end of male humankind yet.

26-08-04, 00:54
life would be so much less interesting without the need for both sexes, male or female.

15-08-05, 21:34
life would be so much less interesting without the need for both sexes, male or female.It would also prevent a lot of heartaches, and finally true friendship just might become possible between the two sexes with the need to reproduce out of the way. "Shut up baby ! Mom and Pop are trying to have a converstaion !"
Even if males can reproduce without the female, they still need an egg donor; just the blank egg without the nucleus. Where would we get the eggs ???
Who would go out and beg, "Could you spare an egg, please ?"
OMG, we are going to go out of business after all !!
Men are not self-sufficient !!

Truth be told
06-04-10, 16:46
I am against this development and I am fearful that this results in science and inheritance of new diseases

20-03-19, 13:38
It seems to me very terrible, because it is contrary to our nature.