View Full Version : Squishy Mogu pillows prove a big hit

12-06-04, 02:09
I gotta get me one of these! :bluush:

NEW YORK (Kyodo) Yoshinobu Ishida walked through the plastic foam manufacturing company his father founded, pondering a way to sustain the business.

A woman relaxes on Mogu pillows at a store in downtown Manhattan

He picked up some of the tiny beads left on the floor, wrapped them in fabric and realized the answer he was looking for was right in front of him.

This was in 2000, and the beads, taken from the remnants of bicycle helmets, led Ishida to create what ultimately became known as Mogu, an ultra-squishy, uber comfortable pillow.

Mogu products are designed not only in standard square and rectangular shapes, but in hearts, stars, tubes and even chairs, coming in a variety of bright and pleasing colors.

Japan Times (http://www.japantimes.com/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nb20040612a4.htm)

silver angel
12-06-04, 04:06
T_T I want one to cuddle with....

Buddha Smoker
12-06-04, 09:10
These things are surprizingly comfortable. We have a couple in the house and there is usually daily arguments about who is going to use it.