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23-06-04, 21:44
http://www.overclockersclub.com/?read=8792893 :?

23-06-04, 21:51
Very cool, but what type of application would you use it in? Strip clubs? LOL no, I guess not! I guess you could line changing rooms with them, then it would be easy to tell if someone was shoplifting, and they would still have a little privacy.

23-06-04, 22:34
Perhaps it could be used for a veranda or patio of some sort, to give the outdoors feeling without actually being outdoors.

24-06-04, 16:55
wonder if they'll use them for prisons....so people can see out of their cells....and others can see in....kind of like a human zoo, I guess.....

24-06-04, 20:58
Wow, that just seems wrong. But then again, I guess it would help with security. :clueless:

25-06-04, 04:11
A peeping Tom's fantasy come true.

07-09-05, 19:58
I recently read an article about a one-way transparent toilet in the side-walk. The occupant can see people outside walking by whereas the passers-by only sees a concrete building. The designer says, "It helps the toilet user to relax, and breathe better by having a good, open view on the street, people and pets walking by..." I really couldn't see the point, but I guess some people might enjoy peeping out the toilet by doing their thingy. :p

08-09-05, 05:13
I think that would probably make me feel a little uneasy, if only at first. It just seems like it would be a strange experience.

Sensuikan San
09-09-05, 04:35
People who live in glass houses ...

... should always undress in the dark .... !


Sensuikan San
09-09-05, 04:47
And now - my serious comment ...

Actually I think the concept is quite cool! I seem to have read about this a little time ago, and it interested me very much. At last we have a medium that can have structural integrity - but still transmit light!

Any idea how awkward, and expensive it is to punch holes into buildings and insert a fragile material like glass? And design beams over the windows and distribute loads around the openings and .. and .. and...

This is gonna go mainstream ...!