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06-07-04, 16:14
The real trauma are in the minds of the board of education....hate to think how much trauma the kids would suffer when they go home and find their mothers cooking and using (gosh forbid!) knives in their kitchen...the shock and horror would put those poor elementary school kids into a coma! :o

political correctness has seeped into Japan as well.... :(

School cuts cooking classes to protect traumatized kids

SASEBO, Nagasaki -- An elementary school where a girl fatally stabbed her classmate in June have cancelled cooking classes because teachers are afraid that students might recall the shocking incident when looking at a knife.

The Sasebo Municipal Board of Education states that every elementary school in the city should provide sixth graders with some three hours of cooking classes during the April-July term.

But the school has been withholding the classes, with one teacher saying, "We suspect that children will feel sick when they look at knives (during the cooking classes)."

The parents of the sixth graders have been divided over the school's decision."I think many children have been looking forward to the cooking classes," one parent said. Another parent supported the school's actions by saying, "It's the right decision."

The elementary school plans to restart cooking classes in the second term from September.

But one teacher admitted that the timing of resuming the classes was still unclear."We decided to withhold the classes after taking into consideration the welfare of the shocked children," said the head teacher of the school. "I can only say that we will make a decision when to start the classes after listening to the opinions of parents." (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, July 6, 2004)

06-07-04, 16:31
hmmm....where to draw the line ? :souka:
If next week someone stabs another pupil with a pencil,
will they cancel school aswell ??? :okashii:

06-07-04, 16:36
I remember when that shooting happened at Columbine, a lot of schools banned backpacks. These knee-jerk reactions don't do anybody any good, especially the kids. What would happen if a kid stabbed another kid with a pencil, would they ban pencils in school?

06-07-04, 17:09
I guess they would ban pencil sharpeners, because they have a blade inside them, too :D