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  1. 'The I2-M223 lines in Västerbotten are certainly...

    'The I2-M223 lines in Västerbotten are certainly not due to medieval immigration. The largest group in Västerbotten belong to I-S8104 which seems to be Early Iron Age Scandinavian.'

    Just seen this...
  2. Peter Wilding

    So what are you thinking? Suebi tribes? (sorry I was out of here for so long)
  3. Pw

    Interesting. Have we any dates for the Swedish concentrations? Dates would clinch or break the Hanseatic hypothesis

    I've now seen Mats Carlins post - so the Hanseatic theory can be sacked
  4. Replies

    The swathe from East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk) in...

    The swathe from East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk) in England through the East and North Midlands to Lancashire is something I'm interested in. Has anyone any idea of what this might mean? Any historical...
  5. I-Z161 subclade I-L623

    Anyone here positive for I-L623? If not anyone know anything about this subclade - for example current geographical location or any other information about this sub-group? Thanks in anticipation.
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