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    Well i always prefer the British breakfast over...

    Well i always prefer the British breakfast over the typical American breakfast .I never like eating fatty hot dogs and burgers when i can eat the fine toast with fine English coffee.:smile:
  2. Well i think what makes the Europeans united is...

    Well i think what makes the Europeans united is there spirit and lack of egoistic approaches.It is with evidence the Europeans share the same currency,same parliament same union and many things which...
  3. Quite exotic..but i don't think it will affect...

    Quite exotic..but i don't think it will affect the number of foreign tourists to the city,indeed some people may cut down stay while in Paris.but i will also work other way as it may pull visitors to...
  4. Thanks for these links, i had been doing a...

    Thanks for these links, i had been doing a research and this is been my subject.I want to know more and more about the Portuguese impact and invasion in India,more likely said Vasco De Gama succeed...
  5. Poll: Nice thread

    Well i could not figure it out which is probably the best Italy has given to world,before reading this post i have never noticed all these achievements from Italy.My knowledge is been restricted to...
  6. Please list some best resturants in London

    Hello Folks,
    Can some one list some of the best restaurants in London which serves international cuisines specially the South African cuisine.
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    Great food..all round europe

    I think every season in Europe has a variety of flavor for different foods and and even when you travel the different parts of Europe in the same season,you will find the different recipes of the...
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    I have seen some fantastic snaps of Isle of Man,one of very peaceful and calm places in the UK.Isle of Man is having a population as low as 100000 and there major economic source is the...
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    That's Great

    The new improved track and improved Euro rail will definitely be the eye candy for people.It is going to benefit a lot to the regular commuters since past few years people started to take flight...
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    Great ...

    Well i am living in London and most of the times i have been to European cities only for business purpose and never get the chance to see the versatile locations.

    Although i had been to...
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    Where is Swizz..?

    Well same thing is been given to the post prior to this post and i still have the same question ,again the list carried all of the well know cities from Europe but again there are some very good...
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    London is Royal but Tokyo is Hi-Tech

    Well I never feel like that way,I think London is a city if classic and royal heritage and when you walking in the streets of London,you must feel a royal walk and on the other hand Tokyo is the city...
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    Hey that list is quite crazy,i am just shoecke...

    Hey that list is quite crazy,i am just shoecke dnot even a single city from Switzerland;Bern,Zurich,Geneva,Interlaken .Had they forgot while preparing this list and also surprising where is...
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