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  1. When did R1a1a1b2 separate from R1a1a1b2a?

    "In the complementary R1a-Z93 (R1a1a1b2) haplogroup, the paragroup R1a-Z93* is most common (>30%) in the South Siberian Altai region of Russia, but it also occurs in Kyrgyzstan (6%) and in all...
  2. R1a1a1b2 and R1a1a1b2a separation date - Linking Yenisei Kyrgyz to modern Kyrgyz

    Roughly speaking, the official line of the Kyrgyz Republic is that there was a mass migration of Yenisei Kyrgyz to modern day Kyrgyzstan some time after the Yenisei Kyrgyz overran the Uighur...
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