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    Jewish people where they are from

    Some of the confusion probably comes from poor semantics in the US. The terms "ethnic group" and "race" are often used interchangeably here. Thats probably why people in the US sometimes refer to the...
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    Sticky: "Reputation Points" RULES

    Ooooo :boing2: I have been playing around and giving out reputation all good reputation :uhyeah and then I came too "you have given out too much reputation within the last 24 hours, try again...
  3. Can acquired traits and aptitudes be inherited through epigenetics

    I am sangeetha,born on nov 23 1985 in chennai,india at 10:50 am...i just want to know whether i can plan to conceive now,i am also a person with bipolar disorder,when will i be peaceful?
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