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  1. Still... the Cro-Magnon genome is Homo sapiens,...

    Still... the Cro-Magnon genome is Homo sapiens, without a doubt. The neandertal one, no. What will be found, if anything, to show neandertal ancestry of modern humans, will be some isolated allele or...
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    Indoeuropeans AND indigènes...

    As for this argument here... you know I can't find either of you wrong. The new info about the high % of Indoeuropean (R) genes in Western Europe is surprising, but does indicate a spread of PEOPLE,...
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    Yes. It would seem that this earlier R1b, the one...

    Yes. It would seem that this earlier R1b, the one found in Cameroons, evolved in the Mideast, BEFORE the Indoeuropean ancestors had moved northward when the glaciation decreased. So it is quite...
  4. USA "conservatives"... conserving corporate power

    Many libertarians in the USA claim that they are the true conservatives...

    This confusion of terms is great. In the 1960's, "liberal" was a bad word among the left, it meant fake Democrats who...
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    Yes, while Canada could probably be assimilated...

    Yes, while Canada could probably be assimilated by the EU, I fear the USA remains too socially backwards.
    We "progressives" in the USA can see the advantages to the socially more advanced character...
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    Creationists vs Education

    In the USA, this problem goes even beyond Creationism. Christian fundamentalists affect education in many ways. One of the most pernicious is in their influence on textbook publishers. Since they...
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    It would appear that these days with common EU...

    It would appear that these days with common EU citizenship, the advantage accruing to a Yank for speaking English is gone... they will more readily hire Brits for those jobs.

    In Spain I used to...
  8. Poll: Bloody Romans...

    Well I'm no fan of the Romans... so I would point out that few of the advances mentioned were first to appear among the Romans. Harappan urban design was far superior, plumbing of course existed...
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    Why can't USA newscasters speak English?

    The problems Maciamo points out with French-speaking newscasters are even more pronounced in the USA. Newscasters here not only cannot pronounce words from French, German, Italian, etc., but not even...
  10. El pueblo español... that's it.

    :useless:Sorry...actually the park is called: El pueblo español.
  11. Viva la diférence!

    This is exciting stuff to me. I have always thought that the view of Europe as being divided into "nations" is not accurate, does not reflect reality, and even going back 2000 or more years, the...
  12. We need more evidence!!!

    Yes... in general, though advances are constantly forthcoming, we are still in a period of the infancy of genome analysis. Genes which act as "switches" to turn on other genes, and other...
  13. Outside influences on America

    While I would never discourage anyone from pursuing any possibilities regarding human history... since that's how we come up with new ideas and sometimes good ones... there are some caveats to...
  14. Out-of-Africa is supported by DNA evidence

    First, I believe that C. Coon was thrown out of the AAA for being a racist. He believed that the cold climate made white people smarter, that the tropics made black people lazy and stupid.

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    Humans gone done it again!

    There are so many example of the ecological disasters which ensue when non-Native species are introduced. The rabbits in Australia come to mind...

    In N America there are many non-Native plants...
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    Poll: Democratic socialism (emphasis on both)!

    Maciano is right... this list does not accurately express the array of possibilities. I was looking for the option "democratic socialism" which would apply to the EU, among other descriptive terms.
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    Celts and other confusions

    This argument results due to confusion about whether we're discussing genetic ancestry, language & culture, nationality, etc.

    "Celts"... is a linguistic term really. The original Celts, since it...
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    Poll: Many dialects...

    It is not as simple as British or American. Just in the USA there are many dialects, and even more in Britain. Then there are Australian, S African, Kiwi, Canadian, Indian, etc. versions of English....
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