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  1. [/FONT][/COLOR] [/LEFT] Yes, I was adopted...


    Yes, I was adopted in America. My birth father is Peruvian and my birth mother was born here. I've done here family tree and she's very English. Some German, Swiss,...
  2. South Asian Result WeGene Native American

    I originally posted an unfinished post about this :ashamed2: So if you saw it it was just a jumbled up mess. Ok, lemme try again.

    I did tests with Ancestry and 23andMe since I was adopted and only...
  3. Wondering What South Asia Is Acting For In WeGene Results

    So I know that WeGene is primarily Asian. Which I am not. I was just uploading my results to almost everything once I got them because it's fun lol
    Since I don't know my birth father or his side of...
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