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  1. Thread: group E-V22

    by ansel

    group E-V22

    we are trying to gather all those who have Y-dna Haplogroup E-V22 , we would like to come to a point to draw a whole picture for the E-V22 , if you are E-V22 and interested to join , you are welcome...
  2. i'm not interested in the origin of the E-V13 , i...

    i'm not interested in the origin of the E-V13 , i mentioning it to talk about the relation between them and specifically the V22 and their engagement with haplogroup I in the Balkan for one reason...
  3. E-V22 , E-V13 and their relationship with Haplogroup I

    as far as i know the origins of E-V22 and E-V13 from Egypt and being part of the Levant and the Balkan , the Haplogroup I is also part of the Balkan , my interest is to understand the relation...
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