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  1. Catalonia may become an independent nation soon

    I can see them becoming obsolete for some schools, but I think the very selective schools need as many things to differentiate kids as possible because all the kids who apply there have great grades...
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    Safe Internet for children

    i think you might be breaking a rule or 2 of no spamming or something ... but for what its worth, it looks like you put some time into creating the group page
  3. Sionism and Kurdish role about armenian genocide

    Cooking/baking together with kids is fun You not only satisfy your gastric needs but they also develop their creative side. Its sort of like play time for them.
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    The Genetic Architecture of Thinness

    The staff are fake and gutless to take her money and not say anything to her. I would have kicked her ass off the threadmill and pulled her out of the gym. Just ****en unbelieveable... that is not...
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