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    Robots to replace humans in all work within 120 years

    Article about prediction of world domination of robots: A ROBOT workforce will completely replace humans within 120 years according to scientists who have predicted exactly how they are doing...
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    Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott

    No, you didn't understand. I hold the book in my hand, and I read as much as for time which I had, and I will have the book soon. What do you don't like, because it has a lot of positive surveys in Amazon, 5 star = 73% (56 surveys)...
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    Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott

    You can see here we find weak and strong points of Scott's approach. What is your point?
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    Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott

    Yes. And I found still some weaknesses Scott's approach. But there are some strengths. Fact is that Northern Africa was lost (there was Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity was spreading). But what is more important what Scott emphasizes that, the Muslims constituted a constant threat in...
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    Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott

    Scott obviously has different opinion of those times. His book is an intriguing and controversial. Unfortunately I only partly looked it and I did not read the whole, although it can be ordered. Of course you're right about the Celts and Germans but these topics are not in the focus of Scott...
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    Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott

    Very challenging book by historian E. Scott: Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy It is based on Pirenne study "Mohammed et Charlemagne" (1937) "During the 1920s...
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    ENGLISH EXPERT CLAIMS: Yugoslavia would be world power, and Belgrade-Europe's capital

    British expert for East Europe Phil Butler claims what we know. Federal Yugoslavia was much better then mini states - nations formed after it. But his expertise and perspicacity tell us a lot. ENGLISH EXPERT CLAIMS: Yugoslavia would be world power, and Belgrade - Europe's capital What would...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Every Muslim must accept that there is not god but Allah and Muhammed is messenger of Allah. It means that every Muslim must accept Quran as it consists unaltered and direct words of Allah. It is first pillar of Islam, it is essence for every man or woman who convert in Islam, otherwise he or...
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    Microbes drive evolution of animals and plants. Darwin's theory is inadequate?

    Microbes Drive Evolution of Animals and Plants: the Hologenome ConceptEugene Rosenberg, Ilana Zilber-Rosenberg The hologenome concept of evolution postulates that the holobiont (host plus symbionts) with its hologenome (host genome plus...
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    Illyrian-Slovenian: Messapic/Illyrian descendants of Slovenian, studies of Slovenia

    Several nations in the Balkans claim that they are descendants of Illyrians: mostly Slovenians, Bosniacs and Albanians. In 19th century Croats and Serbs claimed that they are descendants of Illyrians but today these nations are watching others. Illyrians lived in todays Slovenia, Panonia...
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    Nuclear fusion energy step closer, large success of German scientists

    German scientists make big stride towards fusion After spending a billion euros and nine years' construction work, physicists working on a German project called the "stellarator" said they had briefly generated...
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    New Pluto images

    Topics about Solar system are in this rubric, I suppose. New images about Pluto by NASA are fantastic. Six months after NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, we're still getting amazing...
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    Serbia best kept tourism secret

    Several articles about Serbian tourism: Serbia: One of Europe's best-kept tourism secrets? Along the way we filled up at roadside restaurants. Throughout Serbia, the national cuisine centres on...
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    Greatest Polish contribution(s) to the world ?

    Poles gave big contributions in many different fields. One of famous Poles is Jan Matejko, Polish painter in XIX century. He painted large historical events, portraits and murals, and in these he was greater artist and grandmaster. Jan Matejko, self-portrait The Hanging of the Sigismund bell
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    Greatest Polish contribution(s) to the world ?

    Poles are smart and curious people and they have multiple contributions in many spheres. One of big Polish contribution is win in battle of Vienna, 1683, when Ottomans suffered a strong defeat and Muslim multinational army were driven far away from Austrian capital. Command held by King of...
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    The Byzantine Empire must be revived

    Byzantine empire in the former borders very hardly to be rebuild, even in the modern mode as economic community, it is hard to suppose that Arabian countries would be the part that superstate. And the question is for Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria, if they want to be minority in country where...
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    Guess my origin, your opinion.

    I would say that he is Serb. He's a bit like a Serbian football player Nemanja Vidic (now Inter, ex Manchester United).
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    One of things from Byzantine era that fascinate people is certainly Byzantine art. Several links: ... Early Christian art Hagios...
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    Robots refuse to save people? Somewhat alarming experiments in Bristol

    Robot with “morals” makes surprisingly deadly decisions Anyone excited by the idea of stepping into a driverless car should read the results of a somewhat alarming experiment at Bristol’s University of the West of England, where a robot was programmed to rescue others from certain doom… but...
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    Is free energy possible. Was Tesla right?

    Nikola Tesla was Serbian and American. He was born in Austrian Empire, his father was Serbian Orthodox priest. Legacy of Tesla's work today is in America and Serbia. Tesla's monument in New York: detail Nikola Tesla was big scientist and inventor world-class. I don't understand why story...