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    Poland's population exceeds 40 million

    According to this website: "The current population of Poland in 2023 is 41,026,067." Of course this increase is mainly thanks to Ukrainian refugees.
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    Do you match Native Americans on GEDmatch

    You can check on GEDmatch if you match any of these kits: Kit Number: XV3681980 Name: *USA Chippewa Minnesota A Kit Number: MW8902763 Name: *USA Navajo Nation A Kit Number: MA1117906 Name: *USA Navajo Nation B Kit Number: M952632 Name...
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    Slovincians (Leba Kashubs) - Protestant Slavs native to former Provinz Pommern

    In this thread I will post autosomal results of Slovincians (a.k.a. Leba Kashubs) from the village of Kluki: In total there will be a sample size of at least n=3, but today the first person's results became available. Slovincians are a sub-ethnic group, considered a...
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    Differences in frequencies of MBTI types between nations

    I wonder if there are any statistically relevant differences in frequencies of MBTI types between the populations of different countries?: I suppose that this should be the case. What do you think? Or do e.g. Nigeria, China and France have very...
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    My calculator models on Explore Your DNA

    I've decided to create one collective thread for all of them here:
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    Americans: can you trace your ancestry back to 1830, and if so...

    If you can trace your ancestry back to year 1830, tell us if any of them lived in the "Wild West"? In the area of 20 states west of the line drawn on this map covering a total of 5,166,327 square km, there were only about 100,000 non-Amerindians in 1830: Map:
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    Population of Europe ca. year 1 AD

    Map of the Roman Empire in year 1 AD:
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    Population of Europe ca. year 1 AD

    Population of Europe ca. year 1 AD within modern borders plus Yugoslavia and European part of former USSR: (arrows for Germany & Poland show the high rate of population growth between ca. 1 AD and 4th century AD) This is a compilation from several authors: Colin McEvedy & Richard Jones...
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    5 Earliest Known Cities in the world

    ^^^ Dwelling on wagons is also what enabled American pioneers & early settlers to colonize the Wild West so quickly (a few decades):
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    5 Earliest Known Cities in the world

    Many of them were living on wagons, Herodotus even mentioned the Ἁμαξόβιοι which literally means "wagon-dwellers". Ulan-IV-kurgan-4-grave-15 is a very old wagon burial (we have an aDNA sample from the person buried there, SA6004). Some of the oldest evidence of wheeled wagons is from the...
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    Tomenable World 6th century BC

    Try my new Global25 scaled calculator: Recommended settings in Single/Multi: Cycles - 4 Add Dist Col - 0.25X Aggregate - Yes Recalculate - Yes Reduce - try without and then to 5 Populations Print Zeroes - No...
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    It did not start in China IMHO.
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    Your favourite movie soldier of all times ???

    My dear guardian Angela, There is a weird thing about my parents - I think they never had sex. At least I never saw them having sex or talking about, anything at all. It has been a very asexual household. I don't know if my mother has ever had sex or not. This is weird. [email protected]...
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    Deutsche Welle reports about Jewish life in Poland

    For something coming from Deutsche Welle, I found it surprisingly unbiased, maybe since 2020 they have managed to improve their quality?: :thinking:
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    Your favourite movie soldier of all times ???

    Brad Pitt in Special Operation Z was also good:
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    Episodes of the Polish Campaign 1939

    Special Operation Z
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    Episodes of the Polish Campaign 1939

    An enlightening video about this:
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    President Andrzej Duda in Israeli Public TV

    A very important video to watch:
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    Your favourite movie soldier of all times ???

    Maybe now I change my choice to the Ghost of Kyiv, LOL.