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  1. I1a3_Young

    R1b DF27 in Iberia

    New twist on DF27 Now that some time has passed and the methodologies for Y-DNA analysis have become more advanced and commonplace, we need to revisit the idea of the origin on R1B-DF27. The old analysis from the 2017 paper used basic SNP testing and STRs - very rudimentary tactics compared to...
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    Chart of YDNA by Country

    I found this interesting.
  3. I1a3_Young

    Lombard vs Roman Y-DNA and mtDNA from northern Italy and Hungary

    I downloaded a BAM viewer (IGV) and obtained the CL63 BAM from NCBI. I looked at CL63. Results: Z63+, S2077+, PR683+, L1237- Sample SZ45 is L22, P109, and some downstream. It's being added to YFull.
  4. I1a3_Young

    Cheddar man

    C6 is not an accurate way to describe Y-DNA. Chances are you are quoting very old ISOGG nomenclature. Use SNPs such as C-V20.
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    For Men: Choose the features you are attracted the most

    Jennifer Connelly, as described in the original poll as a dark haired celt. Some Colombian beauty queens have knockout looks with this complexion too. Gene Tierney (Irish-American) Liz Taylor would not be as celtic but the looks I can approve. Though personality matters to me a great deal.
  6. I1a3_Young

    I1 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples

    Graphically presented, the breakdown of the big 3 branches as a total of I1 in a country.
  7. I1a3_Young

    I1 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples

    Here is total I1 percentage of the population by country, with the percent of the "big 3" in the total population shown in the right 3 columns. This makes it easy to see that England and Germany were close, with Viking settlement raising the I1a1 later.
  8. I1a3_Young

    I1 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples

    Percent I1a1 of total I1 in a country (includes large branch of L22) Percent I1a1 of the population in a country
  9. I1a3_Young

    I1 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples

    Percent of I1a2 within the I1 population (Z58, Z60, Z140, etc) Percent of population that is I1a2 Note, not many subclades of I1 were identified in Slovakia, so the sample size is probably too small.
  10. I1a3_Young

    I1 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples

    I have taken the numbers generously compiled by Expredel to make the following tables: 1. Percent of I1a3 (Z63) of total I1 in a country (column K) 2. Percent of I1a3 (Z63) of total population in a country (column L) England/Netherlands and UK/Germany similarity shows that Z63 was a small...
  11. I1a3_Young

    New map of Slavic Y-DNA

    S2078 is everywhere - too general to define by any group. There are some clear Gothic branches though like in the attached image. Other than using Yfull and FTDNA I have not seen good breakdowns of I1 subclade distributions by area. So the Goths left a good contingent behind in Slavic...
  12. I1a3_Young

    High mortality, absence of physical trauma in the Bronze Age steppe

    I think it probable that a large component of the attack vector of IE expansion was disease. I've been reading about Central and South American events and it's truly horrific what happened from old world diseases alone. I would venture a guess that all of the enormous expansions and...
  13. I1a3_Young

    Upcoming paper on British ancient dna DF27 branches Look there. I hope Reich sequences Y-DNA. Many are also curious if I1 could have crossed the channel before the Romans left.
  14. I1a3_Young

    New study finds difference in STR mutation rates based on Y haplo Highlights •The genealogical pair method enables to efficiently estimate Y-STR mutation rates. •Y-SNP haplogroup differences in Y-STR mutation rates were observed. •Haplogroup specific Y-STR mutation rates are caused by allele...
  15. I1a3_Young

    Interesting new I1 kit, first negative for both DF29 and Z17954 ever found

    It's pending now and being analyzed by the Z63 crew, admins of the Z58 and Z63 project at FTDNA. So far all living men have tested positive for either DF29 (about 98+%) or Z17954. You can't be positive for both and this is the first test ever for a living man in this category. This could...
  16. I1a3_Young

    Serb with I1

    You keep repeating the same things and I suspect that there is a language barrier between us. Z63 is absolutely moved by Gothic tribes. I'm part of the Z63 FB group and FTDNA project. It's plainly obvious. If you don't want to believe me, believe Maciamo who is the very knowledgeable author...
  17. I1a3_Young

    Main branch maps by FTDNA

    Z138 and Z140
  18. I1a3_Young

    Main branch maps by FTDNA

    I tried inputting those SNP into the FTDNA system and wasn't getting location date for either. On S2097 has one in Germany, one in Italy (Palermo), and one in North Carolina, US. Here is M253:
  19. I1a3_Young

    Main branch maps by FTDNA

    From the German FTDNA project, made in 2013 by Robert Gabel. Z58 doubling Z63 and Z63 still behind L22.