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  1. Its me

    Y dna test

    I tested with ancestry and used their raw data on Yseq to get to know my haplogroup and it was R1a-CTS121 (i will post a picture down below).I also used Morley tool and it gave me the exact same Haplo.I also got some Z.So why am i making this thread you ask ? Well because i want extra...
  2. Its me

    Deleting thread

    How do i delete a thread that i created ?
  3. Its me

    How do i delete a post ?

    How do i delete a post ? I dont think that i am that blind to not be able to see where the delete button is but if i am can someone point out its location to me ? I should also say that i dont think i have the option of deleting posts
  4. Its me

    Cannot edit posts

    Does anyone know what do i have to do to be able to edit my posts ? Ive already posted like 16 times and i cant seem to find an option no unclick something that does not allow me to post AND AS SOON AS I POSTED THIS I WAS ALLOWED TO EDIT MY POSTS.Unfortunately on the anthropology part of the...
  5. Its me

    Guess my racial background

    Hello people.Father comes from eastern Thrace (relatives say they were from either Andianoupoli or Redestos ).They were expelled from there in the early 1900s due to the Greco Turkish war,from what i know my grandgrandparents were part of the Greeck populus there.After asking some relatives from...