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    The Peak District

    I spend a lot of time in the Peak District and like to share my enthusiasm for the area on my blog, reports about my walks and places I visit, pubs, cafes and tearooms, and my experiences on public transport. I also take plenty of photos. I hope you might like what you read and see - it's a...
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    Languages Sounding Similar

    I like to think that I can recognise all of the major European languages that use the Latin alphabet when I see them written down. This is not the case when I hear them spoken though. There are pairs of languages which sound pretty much the same to me, even though they aren't even in the same...
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    Will Islam Ever Be Banned?

    I think it's inevitable it will be banned somewhere in Europe sooner or later. I can't see there being any other outcome; one of the eastern European countries will probably be the first and then the dam will burst. Things can't, and won't be able to continue as they are now. How will Islam be...
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    I'm from Yorkshire in England and one of our regional foods is parkin, a heavy, sticky ginger cake made with oats and treacle. When I see it for sale in shops more often than not it's just some form of ordinary ginger cake. Fortunately it's very easy to tell the difference because parkin is very...
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    European and Indigenous

    Something that's always puzzled and annoyed me is why does there seem to be no acknowledgement or recognition that the peoples of Europe are indigenous to the continent? I think this poisons so much of political debate in so many areas.