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    Palaiologos J2 - Kastriotis T?

    I ended up by coincidence at this page after searching for the etymology of the surname which exists among Arvanites and whose haplos we have and it turns out it's also said to be related to Kastrioti.There's two different haplos found for...
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    The Canaanites and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Didn't you forget two others?
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    A genetic history of the Balkans from Roman frontier to Slavic migrations

    The truth is somewhere in the middle ,omino needs to chill there's indeed substantial slavic admixture(among other things depending on regional histories) though not at 35-40 level that eupator mentioned on average more like 20-30 ,some that might reach higher levels on the borders probably have...
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    A genetic history of the Balkans from Roman frontier to Slavic migrations

    Some examples
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    Preview: Upcoming Ancient Greek Transect (Mesolithic to Medieval) from Biomuse.

    During its foundation/Hellenistic the city must have been more Ionian than Macedonian hence the similarity with Mycenaeans.What they interpret as Central Euro shift is moving in the direction of something modern Italian-like(judging by their other PCA on biomuse project shown in first page which...
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    Palaiologos J2 - Kastriotis T?

    Saw the Maciamo one but since there was no source I searched and came across that post so I'm not sure about it's validity either.
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    Palaiologos J2 - Kastriotis T?

    As I said it's all hypothetical but presence of J-M319 in Albanians would be irrelevant about Palaiologos either way.About T ,if we were to use the same logic of popularity we'd never guess Napoleon and Hitler had E1b clades , Thomas Jefferson T , Kolokotronis I1 etc The family's origin is...
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    Palaiologos J2 - Kastriotis T?

    It's all speculative of course since you can't trust legends or that any NPE hasn't happened etc. The Troupakis Y-DNA is on the FTDNA Greek project page I posted...
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    Palaiologos J2 - Kastriotis T?
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    Y-DNA haplogroups of Greeks by region of origin

    Serbian or Serbian-like(Doclea) according to the latest study and I give you that, I was wrong ..48% is the maximum (range it says 25%-48%) That's what some of your compatriots imply about J2b and it makes sense because relative to...