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    Friendship in Germany--how contract-natured is it?

    This has been an area of interest for me, to a degree, since I first heard of it from my cousin who has lived and worked in Germany for some 5~6 years. The nature of the arrangement of making true, buddy-buddy friendships in Germany. According to him, and to the reflections of one assistant...
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    Religion Huge mosque to be built in front of the White House in Washington

    My reaction would be, 'what are they trying to say?'-like thought running through my head. But you and Ma Cherie have, IMOH, correctly pointed out the state of Christianity's being a bigger thing in the US than in Europe, and, by extension, the most realistic probability of much ado about such...
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    Greatest Indian contribution(s) to the world ?

    I voted, but I will admit. . . not so seriously. I lived with some folks from Gujarat in the USA, as I worked for almost two years with Japan Sari Palace, out of Roselle, NJ. Of course I had had an interest in India from before that, and had taught myself Hindi to some degree. I just love...
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    Politics Is George W. Bush the Worst President Ever?

    I can recall back when I first heard Bush's debates on CCN back during and after the primaries in that first campaign, and for some reason, just struck a sour note in my being--a feeling that one can't pin down. When I first heard his speeches after being elected, and saw how he handled the...
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    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    Indeed an interesting and informative thread. I think it well balances the 'Greatest Contribution' threads while at the same time, avoids generalizations in that it points to the served rather than the servers. Well, I thought about it. . . honestly, and just couldn't help but think that as...
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    Huns Ended Ancient Times

    This sounds very interesting. I have read some history on the subject way back when, and remember almost nothing. This should prove to be a subject to look into, but I tend to agree that a definition may be called for. Hope to hear more detail--it is a VERY important thing. The context...