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  1. etrusco

    Interactions Trypilla and Sredni Stog

    Interactions between Trypillian farmers and North Pontic forager-pastoralists in Eneolithic central Ukraine View ORCID ProfileAlexey G Nikitin, View ORCID ProfileMykhailo Videiko, View ORCID ProfileNick J Patterson, View...
  2. etrusco

    Neolithic interactions between WHG and EEF in southern France

    Genomic evidence from southern France shows interactions with hunter-gatherer communities. Arzelier Ana, Rivollat Maïté, De Belvalet Harmony, Pemonge Marie-Hélène, Binder Didier, Convertini Fabien, Duday Henri, Gandelin Muriel, Guilaine Jean, Haak Wolfgang, Deguilloux Marie-France, Pruvost...
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    mesolithic-neolithic-eneolithic east central europe Genetic continuity, isolation, and gene flow in stone age central and eastern europe The genomic landscape of Stone Age Europe was shaped by multiple migratory waves and population replacements, but different...
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    Genomes from a medieval mass burial show Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases Genomes from a medieval mass burial show Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases pre-date the 12th century Selina Brace 11 Yoan Diekmann 11 Thomas Booth 11 Ruairidh Macleod 11 Adrian Timpson Will...
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    Archaeologists Have Uncovered a Vast Trove of Gold Rings in Romania

    Archaeologists Have Uncovered a Vast Trove of Gold Rings Buried Alongside an ‘Extremely Rich’ Ancient Noblewoman in Romania Excavators found more Copper Age gold in the single dig than had previously been discovered in the entire Carpathian Basin...
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    David Reich Southern Arc Paper Abstract

    this is a debate that was understandable in 2018/2019 when southern european genetics was seen as only EEF based. Reality is another. We now know that ANE/ANS is made of a mix between central mediterranean dna( proto aurignacian) proto gravettian ( from south of the caucasus and expanding into...
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    Population Genetics and Signatures of Selection in Early Neolithic European Farmers

    Population Genetics and Signatures of Selection in Early Neolithic European Farmers Ainash Childebayeva, Adam Benjamin Rohrlach, Rodrigo Barquera, Maïté Rivollat, Franziska Aron, András Szolek, Oliver Kohlbacher, Nicole Nicklisch, Kurt W. Alt, Detlef Gronenborn, Harald Meller, Susanne...
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    genomic origins first farmers

    Article The genomic origins of the world’s first farmers Author links open overlay panelNinaMarchi1222LauraWinkelbach322IlektraSchulz2422MaximeBrami322ZuzanaHofmanová2456JensBlöcher3Carlos...
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    Massive paper on Stone age Europe and Eurasia. New HG ancestry in Steppe herders

    stone age eurasia STONE AGE EURASIA Allenthoft & Willerslev et. al. 2022, Biorxiv. Abstract: The transitions from foraging to farming and later to pastoralism in Stone Age Eurasia (c. 11-3 thousand years before...
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    transition mesolithic to neolithic in sicily

    Article Genomic and dietary discontinuities during the Mesolithic and Neolithic in Sicily Author links open overlay panelHeYu119 Marieke S.van de Loosdrecht119Marcello A.Mannino2318SahraTalamo34Adam...
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    Beringia and the settlement of the western hemisphere

    Beringia and the settlement of the Western Hemisphere V V Pitul'ko, John F Hoffecker, E.Y. Pavlova March 2022 Abstract Previously, we addressed the problem of what variable(s) limited widespread human settlement of the Americas before ~15 ka. We concluded that while non-modern human taxa...
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    Mobility in the Iron Age Central Mediterranean (Moots et al. 2023) Hannah M Moots et al. doi: This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review Abstract The Iron Age saw the expansion of Phoenician and Greek colonies across the...
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    Politics Joe Biden's Presidency

    Well the responsability lies ultimatly in the nut job's administration you had in the last four years. It commenced with MAGA but will remembered very likely with the greatest period of decline in american history. A president that in private conversations ( see the one with Bernstein)...
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    Shutdown all over the country starting from tomorrow morning.
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    Italian government has just declared a six month special emergency. First cases of coronavirus reported in Rome : they are a married couple fron Whuan. They landed in Milan about ten days ago with an organized tour . Then visited some sites in the north and then came to Rome. I wonder how many...
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    Was the Seven Years' War the actual First World War?

    A very much appreciated post and a long needed historical clarification. Couldn't agree more with you. Three major consequences of this WWI: 1) England emerging as a global superpower 2) English set the basis to become the predominant language in north america 3) The burden of military...
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    Politics Political Ideology by occupation

    I can tell about the situation in Italy: if political election were to be held only inamong newspapers journalists ( in tv situation is more balanced), the left (PD) would win nearly 90% of the seats. Sad but true.