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    Kingdom of Sicily territorial evolution

    The Kingdom of Sicily was a pre-unitary italian state created in 1130 by Roger II and deleted in 1816 by Ferdinand III of Bourbon. It had one of the most ancient parliaments of the world, and most of Hautevilles and Hohenstaufen are buried in the Cathedral of Palermo, while the...
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    Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?

    Surely way more europeans than turks. At least Sicilians and Maltese are in the European side of PCA, while turks are in what they are, MENAs.
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    I2 maps question

    Maciamo are you creating new maps about the distinction between Sardinian I2 and Balkan I2?
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    Ancient Eurasia K6

    Please discuss about new GEDmatch calculator.
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    Post your DNA Land results

    Please discuss
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    Genomic analysis of Andamanese provides insights into ancient human migration into As

    To shed light on the peopling of South Asia and the origins of the morphological adaptations found there, we analyzed whole-genome sequences from 10 Andamanese individuals and compared them with sequences for 60 individuals from mainland Indian populations with different ethnic histories and...
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    J -l398

    Another friend of mine has received his results and he has this haplogroup, where it originates and how it spread in Europe?
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    A friend of mine has received his results and he has this haplogroup, where it originates and how it spread in Europe?
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    Guess my nationality :)

    I dunno but I have been only in Tunisia, red haired there are almost inexistent, I dunno if it is a preserved traits among the purest Berbers. Like the queen of Morocco.
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    New paper on Greek-Cypriot Y-DNA*~hmac=33ed77d5...
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    Facial recostruction of ancient 5900 years old Sicilian face
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    New study on Elymian language

    Elymians was a mysterious indigenous people of north western Sicily that for years was considered descendent of Trojan escaped exiled (myth of Iliad) but new study on their language show a different thing...
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    Guess the ethnicity and classify

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    Romans: the most cruel and most barbaric nation ever existed

    The Greeks of Magna Grecia identifies themselves as Italiotes or Siceliotes and most of them were mixed with the local Italic population. In the biggest cities of Magna Grecia like Siracusa,Agrigento,Crotone,Taranto,Cuma lived both ethnicities, the Greeks called Gomorroi and the Italic called...
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    Italic peoples

    Thread for them.
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    Classify Alessandro Nannini

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    Guess this guy