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  1. Maleth

    Roman Britain Thats the problem with the world today. People create fake news and some are gullible enough to believe it and make it fact creating scenarios that are non existent. The bubble will burst sometime..even sooner then we think, but lots of damage might have...
  2. Maleth

    Early depiction of Jesus

    Radio carbon dating is more reliable in my opinion ;)
  3. Maleth

    Early depiction of Jesus

    @ToBeOrNotToBe This could be interesting
  4. Maleth

    Early depiction of Jesus

    Leonardo from Vinci was a genius. There were already many Jews around to pose as models one way or another as history tell us, so dna from drops of blood indicating middle eastern is defiantly not impossible. Relics were BIG business in the middle ages and preyed on the gullible. :(.
  5. Maleth

    Early depiction of Jesus

    Even a virgin birth would have seemed odd and could be interpreted as a reason for execution. Its the very reason why Joseph took Mary under his protection. And if the narration in the Talmund was true, how would they have got to know about it? Complicated.
  6. Maleth

    Early depiction of Jesus

    There is a believe among Jews that the father of Jesus was Pantera who (if not mistaken) was a Roman General. (I think its recorded in the Talmund) If this holds any truth then its pointless trying to figure out what Jesus looked like, and probably would have a particular different look to the...
  7. Maleth

    Fast on going destruction of wild life

    "Exploding human consumption" has caused a massive drop in global wildlife populations in recent decades, the WWF conservation group says. In a report, the charity says losses in vertebrate species - mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles - averaged 60% between 1970 and 2014. "Earth is...
  8. Maleth

    The Hyksos and Egypt

    In a way it already happened in Australia and the Americas in recent history. Although under different circumstances and situations
  9. Maleth

    Oldest drawing ever found

    If a picture tells a thousand words, a cross-hatched design drawn on a fragment of rock some 73,000 years ago could speak volumes. The problem will be understanding what it tells us.
  10. Maleth

    Medieval treasure trove in Bulgaria

    Sorry to go out of subject but that was filmed only a few kilometers from my new home town across the Gozo channel on the island of Comino....ok back to subject :)
  11. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    did you see those faces behind the president when he kept saying its invisible? :petrified::grin:
  12. Maleth

    What is the greatest empire ever existed?

    This is a mistake so many people make. Turks and Arabs both spread Islam but they are two different peoples (empires) and not much love between them. The buildings that are still revealed for their beauty in Spain were by 'Arabs' (who probably were more Berbers) with a Moroccan influence. Turks...
  13. Maleth

    Arrivals of humans in Australia

    (not for those who believe humans were created 6000 years ago of course :smile: )
  14. Maleth

    The key to curing disease

    I think this is an interesting project:-
  15. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Are you for real? How many 'Americans' Believe this nonsense? How very sad. Hope you had a good one.
  16. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    I thought he said a strong beautiful powerful impenetrable wall with surveillance cameras:thinking::grin: Tomenable its time to go out a little meet up with friends have a good laugh give American election a little break and come back with a fresh mind ;)
  17. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    The rumors are that Hillary (after all) might have got a million more votes more then Trump over all.
  18. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    I think they are both happy with the arrangement. She seems very comfortable with him and my impression is that he does listen to her, which ultimately might be a good thing. I have a feeling that she is a good person by nature, which is a positive thing. This scenario is a new one to the white...
  19. Maleth

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Never heard of proportional representations? Lots of words and analysis to justify a bogus crush :smile:. Hillary: 59,236,903 votes Donald: 59,085,787 votes is not a crush irrelevant to how you would have voted if you could ;). Re Media being mostly against Trump is true and he pulled through...