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    Maciamo and his philosophies: Zen or Hume?

    Maciamo's atheistic stance of ethical humanism would show that he could embrace Zen Buddhism or Hume's argument of existentionalism. Now let's debate which. Maciamo, if you had to choose, or take both, how would these two philosophies match your beliefs? Zen, a practicing way of being (they...
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    Impending War on Iran

    I was wondering how many of you think USA will have a War with Iran? Do you think there is any way to stop it? How about if we stopped buying gasoline until peace is established?
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    War with Iran: Will Europe join in with the USA?

    With the impending war between US and Iran, which countries besides Britain will be fighting against Iran in Europe? What are your predictions, and why? When do you think it will start?
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    Who was history's greatest military strategist ?

    Che Guevara CHE GUREVARA AND FIDERO CASTRO WERE THE BEST STRATEGISTS. If Techumuseh knew Guevara back then, the natives in Canada would have won, and Michigan would have become a part of Canada as it once became after the war of 1812.
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    French Foreign Legion

    Those deserting the French Foreign Legion have an easier time than ever now, as the EU are consolidated. When one's own unit has a time to leave, with no border patrol, one could go to another part of the EU. It is harder than ever to prevent Legionaires from deserting as it has become much...
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    Should North America join the EU ?

    I think Canada and the United States should have the UNITED STATES AND PROVINCES OF NORTH AMERICA or the PAN American dollar. Now, if both Canada and the US were willing to change it to a different kind of a dollar, I think it would be game. Each country will stay distinct as it is now...
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    What Language is this?

    Kerang gi mtsen la gare shugi yore? Nai ming la Alex zie gi yur. Dringsang na Maddison Wisconcin University la boke lobjong chi gi yur. Nai boke gegan la tsetan mtsen la shu gi yore. Tsamtsam la na cha thugi yur. Naima na injiske la lobjong chigi yur. Na Maddisson University la dro gi yur...
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    Canadian advantage of obtaining British nationality

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen with no British ancestry. However, I am seeking to become British. I was made in England but not born there. I wish to be recognized as a British national, and wish to naturalize. How tough is it compared to an American or a Japanese? How much advantage do we...