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    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    How about Maciamo? After that I think Stalin, becuase aside from his purgres, his actions and those of his successors resulted in half of Europe sitting around in a grey communist smog while the rest of Europe developed and moved on.
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    Politics What's your political compass result?

    Economic -3.13 Social -5.13 There are some good questions in it, but I have some objections too; (a) it doesn't distinguish between international relations and domestic politics, but I think you have to, (b) some of the propositions were a bit out there, and so I could only answer if I suspended...
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    Politics What are the criteria defining a country ?

    The EU is not recognised diplomatically as a sovereign state and is not capable of diplomatic relations with other states (obviously except for EU member states), and is therefore arguably not a state. Treaties or agreements passed by the Commission are only valid if the member states agree to...
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    Politics What are the criteria defining a country ?

    EU member states do not really fall under the control of the European Commission in the way that states are controlled by an executive body. Moreover, sovereign states usually have a foreign policy, which distinguishes it from the semi-independent states or federation states that may fall under...
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    Petition for European Association

    Sign Here!
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    cafe babel

    A great site for EU (not only) news and happenings. cafe babel
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    Journal of Diplomatic Language

    Some more ways to turn your words into daggers :evil: Journal of Diplomatic Language
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    What is the greatest empire ever existed?

    What about Pax Americana? :gun:
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    Solidarity 25 years ago

    Here's an interesting multimedia slideshow about the Solidarity strikes which led to establishment of independant trade unions in Poland etc.
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    Fake dog testicles, tar, and Star wars

    The Ig Nobel Prize for odd and humorous science.
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    Greatest Indian contribution(s) to the world ?

    Chess, as it's a great game, and Indian (classical) music. Indian music is perhaps one of the most advanced rhythmically.
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    Spies in Iraq

    An interesting special re. Iraq, WMD, CIA, DIO, censorship etc.
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    Greatest Belgian contributions to the world ?

    They are all wonderful , except maybe brussel sprouts. Saxophone and waffles are particularly brilliant.
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    A Dictator's Dilemma (to be or not to be)

    In light of the rising importance and salience of non-governmental organisations (NGO's) in the decision making processes around the world and their cleaning up of the questionable 'democracies' that abound, what is the real value given these days to individual rights? One view of human rights...
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    Departing for Pyongyang

    I read this interesting article about travelling to North Korea. I'd never thought of it as a tourist destination but I dare say it could be quite exciting...:danger: Has anyone been there? Looking at the photos of Pyongyang it looks like something out of 1960's sci-fi film :-) Here's some...
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    Pre-emptive strike or dialogue

    I've been wondering how the western world should react to Islamic Fundamentalism, in light of the idea that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of "madrasah" opening up in muslim countries. These are...
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    Legal logic is stupid

    Read this and weep: A MAN who confessed to killing two women walked free from court yesterday when a judge ruled the evidence too damning. Father-of-two Lyle Simpson admitted being a killer, DNA evidence proved he was at the scene of one murder and he tried to commit suicide a day later. Yet...
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    Noam Chomsky

    Years ago I remember having a lecture at universty about Chomsky's linguistic ideas, but for the life of me I can't remember what was said. In light of contemporary and current ideas, where does Chomsky stand and how important are his ideas?
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    Ignorance and advertising

    When I first got to Japan I couldn't speak or read any Japanese, and despite the difficulties I had in communicating and getting information as result of this, I found myself in a world where I was stunned by the beauty of silence-gone was the constant bombardment by advertisers trying to sell...