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  1. thomas

    Forum upgrade

    Dear members, I have upgraded the forum to version 3.6.0. If anyone notices any errors or glitches, please report them here. A few details about current changes can be found here. :-)
  2. thomas

    Politics What's your political compass result?

    Economic Left: -6.63 Social Libertarian: -6.21 Venceremos! :v:
  3. thomas

    Fatland Europe?

    I have just finished an eye-opening book entitled "Fatland - How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World" by Greg Critser. Critser basically expands on why the obesity rate in the US soared from 25% in the 70s to 61% (!) nowadays: Americans eat more (they finish no matter how large...
  4. thomas

    Ray Charles dies at 73

    R&B music legend Ray Charles dies (BBC News)
  5. thomas

    Signature Rules

    Since some of our members use images in their signatures I have set up the following rules: All signatures should not exceed the following size limits: For text signatures: 4 lines normal size, 8 lines small size and up to 90 characters per line. Empty lines are also counted. Font sizes above 2...
  6. thomas

    Religion Born-again Americans

    Excellent page. I love the patriotic posters =>
  7. thomas

    Religion Born-again Americans

    Two days ago I watched a feature about an U.S. aircraft carrier cruising in the Persian Gulf. Of course, there are daily prayer services held on board. I was just shocked to see that these services were concluded with prayers for the president and for fortune of war. It is not that far-fetched...
  8. thomas

    Jesus healed using cannabis

    Well, if the highest authorities condoned it, lol... Jesus 'healed using cannabis' Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his...
  9. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    Just a brief question in regard to Singapore: isn't their rigidity a product of confucian thought? I'm not sure if they are trying hard to please the West.
  10. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    I've heard about the Akuma case. Would it be possible in the States to call your child "Satan"? Do authorities have the right to interfere? Btw, just let me post an article related to the original topic: Restoring hemp to natural place in Japan's culture =>...
  11. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    Changing your name in Germany and Austria (and probably in other European countries) requires you to go through courts as well. Welp, it wouldn't take 5 years, but it's pretty expensive, considering the fact that you have to change all personal documents from birth certificate to passports. And...
  12. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    I've never heard about these deed polls, very interesting. Central European law practice does not know unilateral contracts that are binding to third parties, at least I am not aware of such a construction. At first glance it's obvious why most governments are not in favor of such deed polls...
  13. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    > And cannabis itself might not be that bad, but i think there's a > very thin line between trying soft-drugs and trying hard-drugs. That's a very good point! @ fast food Probably food chains will soon be forced to add labels to each burger warning of potential health risks (I think we had...
  14. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    > I don't see why the authorities try so hard to care > about people's health. With all due respect to liberal political views, I think that there are public functions that should remain under governmental control by all means: water supply, electricity, postal services and in particular...
  15. thomas

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    It seems to be a common trend nowadays to decriminalize/legalize so-called soft drugs (such as cannabis). It's certainly a step in the right direction. In most European countries drug offences involving cannabis are no longer prosecuted, as long as the amount in question can still be justified...
  16. thomas

    British vs. American English

    Being a non-native English speaker, I found the following article quite interesting (taken from another board): = = = = = = = = There are different stories for different groups of words. The standardization of English spelling was a long, slow process, extending over centuries and full of...
  17. thomas

    The Turkish Samurai

    Beckham's out, ladies. The latest fad are journeys to Turkey, in order to meet Ilhan Mansiz, the Turkish Stud, erm, Samurai. Female football fans find Turkish delight new flavor of the month "Monthly tours to meet Ilhan in Turkey that the company set up are booked out from November through to...
  18. thomas

    Seiji Ozawa

    Last sunday Seiji Ozawa gave his debut as music director of the Vienna State Opera. He used to be director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for 27 years. Maestro Ozawa marks start of Vienna stint => His biography =>...
  19. thomas

    War on Iraq

    U.S. President Bush has made ousting Saddam Hussein a top priority of his administration, calling for a possible attack on Iraq as part of the global campaign against terrorism. His plans have sparked wild debates about whether the U.S. should launch a new war in times of domestic and global...
  20. thomas

    Korean patriotism

    Germany ends Korea's dreams with 1-0 victory => Germany Wins Seoul Semi-finals 1:0 => Germany ends South Korean dream =>...