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    I2a2b/L38 in Italy?

    Update: I will be doing a Big Y test soon should give some insight.
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    I2a2b/L38 in Italy?

    It is hard to say, I think what we are seeing is some sort of early medieval/late Roman influx. Although I suppose its possible that a earlier migration of say Latins/or gauls might have carried l-38 into Italy in small amounts. The area is under sampled.
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    Dodecad k12 b admixture proportions

    Population Gedrosia 7.31 Pct Siberian - Northwest_African 2.84 Pct Southeast_Asian - Atlantic_Med 33.62 Pct North_European 31.99 Pct South_Asian 0.32 Pct East_African 0.33 Pct Southwest_Asian 5.15 Pct East_Asian - Caucasus 18.44 Pct Sub_Saharan - #...
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    I2a2b/L38 in Italy?

    I am trying to see if anyone knows anything about the occurrence of I2a2b/L38 in Italy. I belong to a subclade IS2488 which is predominately found in the British Isles. My paternal lineage is Italian, as is the surname. I have traced this back 200 years to Campania region. Does anyone have any...