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  1. Dalmat

    Red Hair very common in Eastern European?

    It should have 10 times more since those countries have 10% celt- germanic admix at best. So its not celto-germanic, but its more prevalent in Ireland probably because at one point in the past was considered more attractive. Anyways, Slovenians are light, and have all kinds of light hair...
  2. Dalmat

    Nature Belgium becomes first in EU to recognise ecocide as international crime

    The way you wrote it now makes more sense tho, thats their domestic problem. OP sounds hypocritical, if other countries are able to preserve ecology and already have similar laws active, one of worst offenders should keep their mouth shut, and work on themselves
  3. Dalmat

    Nature Belgium becomes first in EU to recognise ecocide as international crime

    nice move, anyways how much forest is left in Belgium, because looking at this map, the deed is done, not much forest left The law is basically irrelevant, its mostly showing off, right?
  4. Dalmat

    Red Hair very common in Eastern European?

    France is celto-germanic right? How much red hair french people have?
  5. Dalmat

    World 6th Century BC by Tomenable (Piotr Kapuscinski)

    Distance to: d-g25_scaled 0.02869615 Iazyges 0.03587911 Ostrogoths 0.03775044 Pannonian_Celts 0.03946540 Eastern_Celts 0.04396750 Boii 0.04427461 Western_Scythians 0.04856142 Marcomanni 0.05016076 Norici 0.05054496 Northern_Belgae 0.05074878 Cisalpine_Gauls 0.05356639...
  6. Dalmat

    Race and Haplogroups

    My guess is that autosomal is better predictor of looks, because it measures relation, and more relation people have more similar they are. Like obviously your brother will be most similar to you
  7. Dalmat

    Bell Beaker / Corded Ware / EEF ... G25 Scaled Calculator

    Distance: 2.4458% / 0.02445781 60.6 Corded_Ware 26.4 Eastern_EEF 11.8 Anatolia_BA 1.2 Kura-Araxes Distance to: 0.05176969 Bell_Beaker 0.09613129 Corded_Ware 0.15952189 Eastern_EEF:1 0.16439120 Eastern_EEF:2 0.16682634 Western_EEF:2 0.17184717 Western_EEF:1...
  8. Dalmat

    Ancient Balkan IA G25 Calculator

    Distance: 1.4226% / 0.01422593 46.0 Western&CentralBalkansIA 44.6 Slavic 9.4 AnatolianIA Distance to: 0.03472661 Western&CentralBalkansIA:Croatia_EIA:I5727 0.05928000 Western&CentralBalkansIACroatia_EIA:I5725 0.06023808...
  9. Dalmat

    G25 New Language detector (by Alwakeel)

    Distance: 0.4571% / 0.00457084 71.2 Balto-Slavic 20.8 Germanic 4.6 Uralic 2.2 Northeast_Caucasian 0.6 Armenian 0.4 Anatolian_Indo_European 0.2 Semitic Distance to: 0.01240814 Balto-Slavic:Croatian 0.01508680 Uralic:Hungarian 0.03185078 Eastern_Romance:Romanian...
  10. Dalmat

    1st Century BC by Tomenable (Piotr Kapuscinski)

    Distance: 1.0078% / 0.01007827 | R5P | ADC: 0.25x RC 49.6 Europe_Balto_Slavic:Lugians 12.6 Europe_Daco_Thracian:Dacians 11.4 Europe_Celto_Germanic:Goths_Gepids 10.8 Hellenistic_Cappadocia_Greeks 9.8 Europe_Daco_Thracian:Thracian_Getae 5.8 Europe_Celto_Germanic:Marcomanni_Quadi
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    This is mine
  12. Dalmat

    Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II's face revealed in striking reconstruction.

    to me that mummy head looks Black, fleshy parts are degraded, no meat, its basically skull with skin, but the face proportions like big mouth area, color of the skin, high dolichocephaly indicates Black person of East african stock. Egypt originated basically at horn of Africa, later on there...
  13. Dalmat

    Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II's face revealed in striking reconstruction.

    bust looks like person of black race, so either the bust is wrong or drawing is wrong. I am going to bet the drawing is wrong
  14. Dalmat

    Were the Goths related to the Scythians or Cimmerians ?

    there are similar birds on Croatian art, not eagles tho but falcons I dont think there is much to it, birds of pray are viewed by most civilisations as powerful animals, and with primitive handwork in metal or stone, you can only do so much to make an art description of a bird
  15. Dalmat

    Croatian Music

    Place for Cro music
  16. Dalmat

    Are Suabi behind two Galicias?

    its a possesive suffix in plural. Srpsko, Hrvatsko, Njemačko, Englesko, Talijansko, Francusko. Serbian, Croatian, German, English(an), Italian, French(an) ;)
  17. Dalmat

    Are Suabi behind two Galicias?

    čćžšđ are often result of and in slavic languages, its part of our language law. They are also purebred sounds, with their own letters, and are part of words, no matter the above. That means they are not skewed or...
  18. Dalmat

    Are Suabi behind two Galicias?

    Problem with Celts is is they are more like myth, at least they are viewed as such. There is no language, nor clear genetic leftover from them, and you could argue, that french, welsh, scots and irish were not celts, but gaul/gael When i listen to gaul, it sounds like gol to me, and in my...
  19. Dalmat

    Are Suabi behind two Galicias?

    We say Galica for this So it could be that, i know we use galica to scare octopuses out of their holes, when dive hunting them As for germanization of the name you are right Galicia was AU way to pronounce Halychyna, and it stuck, probably...
  20. Dalmat

    Are Vikings overrated?

    Vikings ravaged trough Western Europeans like hot knife trough butter. I think they are bit overated tho, because they were actually not legendary warriors as described in various modern legends, but raiders and pirates, who picked easy targets