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    Imbeciles attack artwork

    Exactly. And these are usually young kinds, I am not sure about the legislations in the different countries in the EU but probably they will get would get away with hooliganism or something like that (spilling jugs of milk ,screaming about "plant based future"...rupturing the tires of semis and...
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    "L'Europe des nations" (based on common Christian values) died probably with Adenauer and de Gaulle. After that it was hijacked by certain "elites" ,trying to convert it to some monstrous bureaucratic federalist structure. Impudently they keep throwing around the names of de Gasperi, Schuman...
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Fingers crossed. The Swedes had an "interesting" elections result too.
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    -the Circassians' (for the most part) adoption of Islam is a late event (XVIIIc.) . The beauty of the Circassian ladies was well was the "civilised and humane behaviour" of the male Circassians (they wisely decided to follow the retreating Ottomans troops from virtually every Balkan...
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    ...the ethnicity and classify these two gentlemen. Both are full-bloodied representatives of their respective ethnicities, afaik. #2 is famous,please those who can identify him right away, do not participate. #1 ........................................... #2
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    Kosovo: Albanian Anti-Ottoman revolt (1690)

    It has been established that the territory of nowadays Republic of Northern Macedonia presented zero interest for the invading Slavs (they just rushed through it "transit", plundering and scorching).The steady settlement of Slavs began rather late,in the IXc . Whatever of the populace survived...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    That was interesting. Can you elaborate a bit more on this please... How do you, as a North Westerner, see the American engagement in European and Middle-Eastern affairs if JB-KH make it to the White House? What do you hope for and most importantly how do you expect it to be achieved ? How do...
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    Balkan folk rhythms

    Rusalii (Русалии) ; German , Scaloian (Герман ; Скалоян), Peperuda Пеперуда (Dodola), Calushari (Калушари) exist in Bulgaria too...and in the neighboring Orthodox Slavic countries of course.