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  1. leperrine

    J-L70 Templar Line? (According to my paternal genealogy)

    Found an interesting link to the Perrin family. I think I finally found the origin of this family. It's with Peter I. Son of King Louis IX. Not sure If they are direct descendants of Peter I or named after him. What is certain, based on my family coat of arms that even Daniel "The Huguenot"...
  2. leperrine

    J-L70 Confederate Brigadier General

    We have a common ancestor: Daniel "The Huguenot" Perrin Abner Monroe Perrin Early life Perrin was born in the Edgefield District of South Carolina. He fought in the Mexican–American War as a lieutenant in the infantry. Upon his return home, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1854...
  3. leperrine

    New J2 Samples

    I4794 KZ-TAL-001, Taldysay 1, Grave N5, Central Kazakhstan Archaeology (project) 7.02 (?) 3450 1600-1400 BCE MLBA Steppe_MLBA_oBMAC Taldysay_MLBA2 Aktobe, Koboda, Taldysay Kazakhstan J2a1h2 I8726 201, Grave 201, LS 1, Period I, phases 10/9 5000 3100-3000 BCE BA Indus_Periphery4...
  4. leperrine

    Share your MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimates

    MyHeritage results Europe 100.0% North and West Europe 99.0% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 67.2% North and West European 31.8% East Europe 1.0%
  5. leperrine

    Beautifully preserved 4000 year old Egyptian tomb

    It almost looks fake the colors are so fresh.
  6. leperrine

    Early depiction of Jesus

    Would love to see how they reconstructed this. On the left is the actual place of the "inscription" and on the right is the "proposed" reconstruction. Read the Journal at Cambridge and didn't see any details...
  7. leperrine

    New from Geneplaza K14 Ancient Cultures Admixture Calculator

    Has anyone else tried this calculator? This calculator is the 1st public ADMIXTURE based calculator to parse your genome and compare it to very recently sequenced ancient cultures from Central and South Asia. These new higher quality genomes greatly added to our understanding of the...
  8. leperrine

    "'Adam" and its semantic roots: Hebrews/Phoenicians and the "red/ruddy" issue

    "'Adam" and its semantic roots: Hebrews/Phoenicians and the "red/ruddy" issue EDIT BY MODERATION: This thread was extracted from the topic Where did the Anatolian branch of Indo-European originate? on a discussion about the assumed relationship between Indo-Europeans, ancient West Asian...
  9. leperrine

    J2a L397 - Phoenician and Greek Colonization in The Mediterranean

    Found this and thought it was Interesting. J2a L397 is my paternal lineage.. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is J2a1h2a1 [J2-L70 (J2-L397, J2-L398)] Makes a lot of sense. I can trace my paternal ancestry almost 1,000 years to Languedoc France. Pretty sure they were Franks. "Finally, we explored...