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  1. last-resort

    Fun, feel good videos

    Nothing wrong with my tone. Steve Carrel is male. He is Italian on his father's side. Of course it counts. An Italian (great performer) sets the standard for a schnozz..... Oh, he is Italian on both sides. A reference: Fowler, Gene Jr...
  2. last-resort

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    This from #1275 I'll start by saying that this Thread is well overdue to be stopped, or perhaps split in two with the pre-inauguration comments section closed and the remaining kept open under "America under Trump" - or the like. Minty, I'll repeat what I said earlier I don't know why you...
  3. last-resort

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    The average for a first world country wouldn't be anything to aspire especially given the range. Canada has waiting lists for more involved procedures which is not attractive. But, US health care expenditure is high. A few reasons it is high. Note that all these have a history and background...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    This is from #1273. That is a year old media article. Why bring this up now? I'll address the issue more fully by replying to your last post. I am unaware of "scandals and corruptions associated with Obama Care". Nothing of note. if there were the Red (Republican) media would be all over...
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    "Griffin" Bronze Age Warrior of southern Greece

    Well, the Mycenaeans or their Greek precursors (and successive waves - Dorians) had to learn navigation and boat building. Boat building and sail-craft are far easier to learn from live people than from aping decayed wooden boats and what passed for drawings/schematics. (Learning via visits by...
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    Poor FAQ: Delete Post & Quote Procedures

    Yes I am a new member. But I am not stupid. Deletion of Posts: Your FAQ on Deletion of Posts is at best incomplete or otherwise it is deceptive. The Edit Post button shows Edit/Delete. Editing can be done as stated. For deletion, however, there is nothing in the FAQ about HOW to do it...