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  1. Invictus_88

    Greatest German contributions to the world ?

    Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Nietzsche. In ascending order.
  2. Invictus_88

    Greatest Israeli/Jewish contributions to the world

    Does this strictly-speaking belong on this forum?
  3. Invictus_88

    Why did the Normans invade England ?

    Superb diplomatic skills, or perhaps an early variant of gunboat diplomacy. I don't know if the archaeological record has led to any firm conclusions either way.
  4. Invictus_88

    How do you feel about polygamous marriage?

    The gay thing seems sorted, with ~120/~20 for and against it, so how do you feel about polygamous marriage?
  5. Invictus_88

    What is a nation-state ?

    Maciamo, How would you counter the argument that the nation-state is a much more substantial entity than an ethnicity or culture, and that it is in our present day still of significant importance?
  6. Invictus_88

    Which form of colonialism was the worst ?

    Perhaps, but there was no mention of the German colonies.