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    Any info about mtDNA L2b1a2

    Hello i got result my dad (Extended HVR (15930-707) ) he is belong a Haploroup L2b1 and possible his subclade L2b1a2 I know this mtDNA Haplogroup its formed a west africa but any era this mtDNA found in North Africa is possible this mtDNA people Ethiopian was living in south North Africa ? Or...
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    Hv0a diversey in Italian Peninsula

    Hello i believe mtDNA HV0a it's very diversey in Italian Peninsula is seems to me very possible it's subclade WGH isn't EEF because people Saami example they are hunter and there mtDNA U5a also
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    Id r3742

    Hello everybody I need file raw data Autosomal Remains From Croatia ID R3742 Thanks
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    Age and TMRCA mtDNA HV

    Hello I would ask who has information about age mtDNA HV
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    Why do I have in my matches in 23andME and FTDNA many european full admixtures ?

    Hello good evening and happy christmas everybody I have Question in my Matches from 23andME and FTDNA I have many people have full admixture european My admixture DNA Middle East & North Africa 100% North Africa Maghreb & Egypt 98% Middle East Sephardic Jewish <2% Southern Levant <1%
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    SE-114(ERS9945200) is probably he is italian ?

    Hello I have question i see ancient DNA from Hungary it's very close to samples North Italian even this remain its from Hungary and belong a Elite a conquering Hungarians
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    Haplogroup HV

    Hello what is origin mtDNA Haplogroup HV
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    Haplogroup V25b

    Hello i m new here my branch is V25b* it's seems to me this branch is South European Anyone here is V25b also Thanks
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    Hello guys im new here any member here is E-PF2431 Thanks