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  1. italouruguayan

    Climate change 2024: the first year living with +2°C of warming

    This is really scary. Last year here in Uruguay we experienced a drought never seen before. The rains are usually distributed throughout the year, with peaks in the autumn...but since the summer of 2023 (January-February) it rained almost nothing until spring (September-October). The capital...
  2. italouruguayan

    Italian vs Italian American Sociocultural Comparison

    My grandfather arrived in Uruguay in 1927. One of his brothers (there were 11) emigrated to the United States a little earlier. Unlike most emigrants, they did not have economic problems (supposedly the father encouraged them to leave due to the proximity of another war, but it is also said that...
  3. italouruguayan

    World 6th Century BC by Tomenable (Piotr Kapuscinski)

    Will it really be like this? Or could it be that my Amerindian mixture, with its remote kinship with Asian populations, caused a certain deviation towards the East?
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    G25 Sea Peoples Calculator by Me

  5. italouruguayan

    Neolithic List Using Averaged Coordinates

    Mine... South American mix....
  6. italouruguayan

    Share Your IllustrativeDNA results Ancient and Modern

    My mixed genetics produce unusual results...
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    Genographic Project

    My results...
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    Geneplaza Ethnicity Calculator (PCA)

    Surprisingly, the calculator considers that I am closer to the Finns than to the Italians...
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    According to FTDNA, I´m R-BY118371. My grandfather was from Northern Italy.
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    G25 New Language detector (by Alwakeel)

    Distance to: italouruguayan 0.02858968 78.60% Western_Romance:Italian_Tuscany + 21.40% Native_American:Mixtec 0.03135761 78.20% Western_Romance:Italian_Bergamo + 21.80% Native_American:Mixtec 0.03143681 79.00% Albanian:Albanian + 21.00% Native_American:Mixtec 0.03341593 79.00%...