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    My Favorite aspect of Germany

    I loved the Radio stations in Germany! I hear such great electronic songs on mainstream radio that would be considered underground by most. no where else is like that that I have been to on that note...
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    Who were the greatest Italians in history ?

    maybe in 100 years people will refer to steve angello like this? If had 10 posts already id post a song and show a SAng. song
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    Why the vikings raided only in UK mainly and in France?

    yggdrasil thor odin siegfried brunhilda valkryes ^ I knew all of these names from video games before I got a chance to learn what they really meant in my intro to mythology class
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    Greatest Greek contributions to the world

    The fact that wrestling is removed from the olympics is a joke honestly it just is.
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    Clubbing Brixton

    Went to a club in brixton to a show in december... was very wild. UK knows how to throw DJ shows:good_job: anyone else got any stories of clubbing in the UK? hot spots and the like