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    30 Years War and Land Ownership in Rural Europe

    Well I noticed that the kingdom of Spain was in control of both Southern Italy as well as parts of North Western Germany during this period. All that does is show movement between kingdoms did infact take place.
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    30 Years War and Land Ownership in Rural Europe

    Recently I have been digging through archives on discovered a "Don / Donna" set of Grandparents (Flammia) from the late 1700s. With most of my other ancestry being tennant farmers I was curious and did more digging. I found the the Campobianco family a few generations back...
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    So my great uncle took a 23andMe and I guess my Maternal Grandmothers Father's line ended up R S675. Now I know 23andMe likes to use its own terminology for sub-clads and when I tried to gather more info I couldn't find anything. Now it's surely from Ireland, but the lack of info really sucks.
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    OK, here is how to not die from the corona-virus (viral phenomena)…/neurosci…/interstitial-fluid Diabetes, Asthma, Heart...
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    Health CoronaVirus and ..... Global conspiracy

    OK, here is how to not die from the corona-virus (viral phenomena)…/neurosci…/interstitial-fluid Diabetes, Asthma, Heart...
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    I'm afraid of a bio weapon that is specifically designed to kill based on genetic profiles of certain ethnic groups. I think we should all get off this site, mabey even shut it down for a while.
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    Early Italian-American history (1800s)

    Check these out!
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    What is your muscle composition and post your best lift.

    So I am ACTN3 genotype TT, meaning I am genetically wired to be an endurance athlete. I try to forget about that so I dont limit myself intrinsically. Prob a great classification video as well.
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    Caution on the interpretation of MyTrueAncestry results

    People just need to understand how the distance estimates work, and than modern populations may be very different from ancient ones geographically. Im still confused about the Royal Matches. So for R1b I get 3 matches. These are just samples that are from Mid Evil Italy, so I would say match...
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    DNA matches that stand out

    Not sure how this happened. But, here is a top 23andme match and the best proof of connection I can find. So the prediction is 2nd cousin, but the reality looks more like we have a common Great (x3) Grandfather. Also different X haplogroups but has to be from my maternal lineage due to common...
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    Haplogroups of European kings and queens

    This is my Haplogroup breakdown on Mytrueancestry. Is is common to have so many royal matches? Its only R1b I am getting these matches for.
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    Classify me; recent

    Time for a recent classification I guess.
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    Posting Screenshots

    For some reason, whether its an attachment or an image insert, my screenshots always show up as a link. When opened they show up very tiny with bad quality, or end up as an invalid link. Can someone please provide a step by step to fix this issue?
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    Haplogroup subclade R1b1a2a~2/R1b-PF7558 (R1b-PF7562, R1b-PF7563) in Italy

    I have wondered the same thing. I know that Im U152, but by last name is Salerno, and as far as I know, my family lived in Bonito, Campania for generations. I was on 23andme, looking at the Scientific details. Im not sure if clicking on the downstream subclads mean anything, but if I follow...
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    Modern Italians who resemble busts from the classical era

    I think that Im pretty Roman looking, especially my Papa.
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    4th Century BC Privileged Social Class Roman Skeletons to undergo DNA Testing

    Sub Appenninic warriors, are they responsible for U152 s28 in the South?
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    New regions at 23andme?

    I just received the update and nothing changed, at all. All the new regions reported 0%, and this is what I ended up with.
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    DNAPlaza Neolithic Calculator Results

    Its $5, and took a few hours to get the results back. Overall, no surprises as the totals are not based on an under over for a reference group, but overall ancestry, hence why Im getting 12% African and East Asian combined.
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    My heritage Free upload

    Fixed. This is very interesting, given the notion we get an uneven distribution of DNA from your grandparents onward. As a great Aunt, you would expect some differences in both generational distance and indirect linage. But notice some significant scores that were not represented in my...