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    Seima Turbino Ydna discussion and poll

    the population size started to grow right at the 7,500 year time from Siberia, I think it has something to do with the steady development of agriculture in east end of the Eurasia.
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    Seima Turbino Ydna discussion and poll

    seima -turbino compare two images: first , Taiwan ,East China (畀南遗址,about 5,300 --2,300BP) second: Seima Turbino
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    New map of the diffusion of the Copper Age in Europe

    Vinca:The oldest evidence of copper metallurgy is from the Vinča culture in Serbia around 5500 BCE. From there is quickly spread to Bulgaria (Gumelniţa-Karanovo culture, etc.), then to the Carpathians (Cucuteni-Tripyllian culture) and the Danubian basin. These cultures of 'Old Europe' would have...