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    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    If you look at alcohol, especially in the UK where binge drinking is a problem, look at how people act, how they speak to others, and how they compose themselves in public. They abuse people verbally, physically and mentally, they seem to lose all respect for their surroundings and themselves...
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    Greatest British contribution to the world ?

    Yeah but let's face it, England did most of the work...and there's no equivalent chant for the UK
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    Greatest British contribution to the world ?

    I think we've done bloody well for ourselves! ENG-A-LAND ENG-A-LAND ENG-A-LAND :D
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    Greatest Belgian contributions to the world ?

    I didn't know the Smurfs were Belgian! You learn something new everyday!
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    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    I don't really think you can credit anyone but the Americans for New York City. Dutch are marvellously liberal thinking people though.
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    Greatest German contributions to the world ?

    John Logie Baird invented the TV didn't he? He was British And I'm sure the first light bulb was invented by British chemist Humphry Davy The modern light bulb has over 22 people claiming to have invented it. PS German cars are f*****g awesome!!
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    Greatest French contributions to the world ?

    Definitely NOT modern music or cars. The French have a reputation for really bad music, at least in the Anglo-sphere. I think their best contribution to the world would be either the city of Paris or denim.