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    Politics Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.

    They're all bad, including the commie running my country who is well past his best before date. Never voted "left" in my life and have no regrets.
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    My E-M84 ancestors came from the northern Levant. It's evident from their non-British ancestry at 23andMe, and we all know how homogeneous the Brits are.
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    Egyptian Ancient Dna from the Old and Middle Kingdoms

    If you recall ZAP002 was non-local to El Argar but was 60% Sicilian Beaker 40% Bavarian Beaker and 10% Iberomaurisian. My expectation is that Tut's line was P312+ or something like DF27+ or U152 and was marrying local elites in the southern Levant for many generations. Obviously was not the only...
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    Uruk and the Emergence of Civilization-Patrick Wyman

    What an effin joke. Pure cow manure.
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Another kkkommunist move by the enlightened Dutch, and now Turdeau in my country.
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    Health New Coronavirus in China

    Of course it did, and they are not being accountable for it, but what would you expect from a communist country run by someone who thinks he's a god? -The closest relative of the initial virus are other viruses found in bats in China. Pretty much all of these coronaviruses come from China, so...
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    Is the "Barbarians" Netflix series accurate or inaccurate

    I have started watching it, didn't care for the first couple episodes but it's growing on me. I had to turn off the English dubbing as the voice acting came off quite terrible, and just left the subtitles. The acting is great, plot has been growing on me, but despite the good acting, felt the...
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    Photo-real portraits of Roman emperors

    The modern Saudi prince is representative of "Arab", probably then and now. Eye shape, nose shape, overall facial shape is absolutely nothing like the vast majority of these Roman emperors. I can see some Middle Eastern look in a few, as well as definitely some African/North African, but the...
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    Politics Disbanding/Defunding the Police

    Keep in mind, this is an American-centric thread. The whole notion is absurd just about anywhere else. It is pushed up here by the Canadian division of BLM, which is led by a proven Afro-Canadian racist who believes whites are subhuman. Silesian, we should be more concerned about removing Fidel...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Not my country, nor my business...really... but wasn't this Soleimani character a mass murderer in his own right? One can question this particular instance to kill the group of militants, or kill them at all, but Soleimani was hardly an innocent. He had his own agenda, like every other power...
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    Early depiction of Jesus

    Difficult to say since the Roman era ones look far too European to me (although it may have been the look of the EEF - longish, narrow head, still very common throughout Europe today), as do any of the Jewish members you folks have posted. Then again, who really knows since apparently the Iron...
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    4th Century BC Privileged Social Class Roman Skeletons to undergo DNA Testing

    I've stated this before, but whenever I see Roman busts, I don't see any similarity between the large immigrant communities of Italians in places like Canada and USA. I'm not sure why this is, perhaps because those immigrants came largely from the south of Italy. The bust Angela posted looks...
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    Religion Can Muslims live peacefully with Christians, and vice versa?

    Too bad life isn't this simple. Elaborate more on your points. ie: Gender inequality? In what sense, and what would you do or suggest? Income redistribution?? Who qualifies? Define a "livable" wage? Do we all have equal talents? Do we all work hard? Not at all. I get what you are saying, to a...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    I have great respect for Asian people and their culture. I see many similarities with us of British descent, but let's not pull the discrimination card. The business and tech industry are DOMINATED by Asian people in Canada. I believe that statistic holds in the USA as well, of course referring...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Here's the thing. Wealthy people/businesses pay a lot of tax. It is a misconception that they all avoid paying, or use loopholes in the system. Where does the funding come from otherwise? The Starbucks baristas and career protestors who are too lazy to work? I agree with your post mostly...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    So...Obama can bail out some more banks...maybe triple the federal debt this time? Maybe Hillary start a few more wars? (ie: Libya? withdraw troops in Iraq?) Trump may not be honest, but I really like how he bullies the "progressives", and Hollywood types. I love it so much.
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    The Europeans, and so-called "Canadians" really need to stay out of foreign elections. My country is run by a moron who thinks he's some sort of French royalty. Can we create a thread and trash that guy instead?
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    Facial Reconstruction of Mycaenean era (c.1500 BC) nobleman from ancient Greece

    The Roman busts always have a British look to them IMHO. I don't know if it's they were modelling themselves to look more like the Celtic people. Vespasian looks like a modern Irishman to me more than a modern Italian..then again, probably my bias since most Italians in Canada are from the...