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    How am I Baltic according to MyHeritage?

    Hello there! I took a MyHeritage DNA test not long ago and my ethnicity estimation is as follows: 89.2% Iberian (Genetic groups are Germany, France, Netherlands and some other European countries and then Midwestern USA), 8.5% Baltic and 2.3% Askhenazi Jewish. Now, I was sure I was going to get...
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    Guess my grandfather's ethnicity

    Second picture are his eldest grandchildren, my elder brother and me.
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    I-M253 in Spain

    I am a member of Y Haplogroup I1, subclade I-M253, which has its highest frequency in Sweden and Finland's Satakunta province, apparently. I am from Spain, my paternal line comes from Asturias which was the last Visigothic stronghold in Medieval Spain. I would like to find out more information...