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    Now ich have new recent ancestry results Europe (North and West) Northeast Germanic 100 % and also I tested my Viking-Ancestry: 95 % East-Vikings Anybody also tested their Viking-Ancestry?
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    Europaen Ancestry

    These are my Ancestry results: Europe 100% Europe...
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    Family Ancestry Living DNA-Test

    My Autosomal DNA-Test (Living DNA) shows me over the time from today to approximately 2,800 years ago (iron age) nearly a half ancestry West- and Norteurope (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands) and a half Northeasteurope (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine). Is this a typical combination in...
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    I-Z2069 (I2a2a1a2a1)

    I had made another DNA-test with Living-DNA. The Result of my Y-Haplogroup is now I-Z2069 (I2a2a1a2a1). The phylogenetic tree in Eupedia of I-2a2a ends for me with Y3721. Is there anything known about I-Z2057, I-1229 and I-Z2069? Are they also Megalith-Builder?
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    I2a2a (M223) Mainhaplogroup of the Suebi (elbgermanic tribes)?

    The hotspot of M223 is today arround the Harz-Mountains in Germany. Other Hotspots are in V?sterbotten (Sweden) Eastanglia (England) and the Lowlands (Scotland). Another areas with a higher Level are the Benelux, Danmark and the Chech Republik. The Roman political Tacitus says the Suebian Tribes...