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    Online Plattdeutsch Course

    A lady at Radio Bremen tells me that their online Plattdeutsch course will begin on September 29th. Here is a link to it: The page is not ready yet,but you can save the link,and start using it on the 29th. Just in case...
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    Why did the Normans invade England ?

    The people that can know whether they are Celtic or not,with the highest level of certainty,would be the folks that are R1b-M222. A large chunk of the population of Western Ireland has the M222 marker,and it's a good guess that you had Irish ancestors,if you have this marker.
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    Cool Germanic Languages Link
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    German language

    Would it be accurate to say,that any citizen of Germany could speak Hochdeutsch,because it is 'standard'-but that many Hochdeutsch speakers would find it difficult or impossible to understand Plattdeutsch?
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    What would be the essential languages to learn?

    For an English-speaker in Europe,my guess would be French and German. What do you say?
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    What DNA tests have you done?

    And what's your Y and/or mt haplogroup? My Y haplogroup is commonly referred to these days as R1b-U106*. At present,I don't fit in any of the subclades,the major one being L-48+. We have a new Walk The Y project at FTDNA,for searching for new Y SNP's in U106's that are negative for L-48. My...
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    U.S. Gov't. jobs in Europe

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone here has ever gotten a job that took them to Europe-without being in the military. It's what I'd like to do. Any replies and advice appreciated.